XTrend Forex and CFDs Trading App’s new version is released

The trend of mobile trading grows every day. Yet, not all trading apps are intuitive and user friendly. Learn how XTrend Forex and CFDs Trading App’s new version makes difference in the market. 

March 18, 2019, | AtoZ Markets - The new version of XTrend iOS and XTrend Android is already available since the 9th of March and aims to better satisfy the needs of Forex and CFD traders, who enjoy online Forex and CFDs trading on their mobile devices.

What is new in XTrend's Forex and CFDs Trading App?

The updated version comes with several changes, of which the most important relate to the Wallet Credit, the margin and the margin per lot, as well as the commission structure. Also, in the new Forex and CFDs trading app, Coupons and Loyalty Points are being replaced by Credit, which is simpler to understand and use, and it can be acquired in several ways.

The maximum lots per trade has increased to 200 lots. The trading loss will be deducted from the available account balance instead of the margin used. Furthermore, the Margin Call will no longer occur when someone loses 80% of the margin used, but it will be processed once the Margin Level (Margin Level = Equity / Used Margin) is less than 50% on an account basis.

A change was also made regarding the margin per lot. The margins for Forex per lot are $5/lot, $100/lot and $500/lot. The margins for Precious Metals per lot are $10/lot, $100/lot and $500/lot.

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XTrend Forex Trading App is becoming popular in Europe

As a fast-growing European Forex broker, XTrend Forex Trading App is becoming popular among more and more clients in Europe. XTrend is constantly improving its services and the features of the Forex and CFDs trading App, enabling its clients to have a better trading experience.

XTrend Forex Trading App has also good news regarding its commission structure. The commission of 0.06 USD per 100 Base Currency Units traded declined to 0.04 USD per 100 Base Currency Units traded in the new version.

So why wait? Try out XTrend iOS and XTrend Android today, and share your experiences with us.  

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