ProbusFx Rebranded to SquaredDirect

November 13, 2018 | AtoZ Markets

ProbusFX – a retail Forex broker based in Limassol, Cyprus has announced on this Monday that it has rebranded its identity to SquaredDirect.

Additionally, the legal name of the company has now been changed from Aspide Financial Limited to Squared Financial (CY) Limited. The company restructured and paired up with the sister’s company which is SquaredPro, to form the Squared Financial Group of companies.

ProbusFX was launched in mid of 2017 and soon the company received regulatory licensing from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission last year.

The company have successfully launched their new SquaredDirect website which can be accessed at 

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The CEO of the company, Youssef Barakat quoted that

 “While operating as ProbusFX for the past year, we have been experiencing an exponential rise in the demand for Top-Tier financial services and solutions. Remaining focused on the needs of our clients, we have decided to pair up with our sister company to be better able to offer services of unparalleled quality and successfully supply the rising demand. Any of our clients can now be provided with services and conditions that were once reserved for trading insiders and high net-worth individuals or corporations.”

Moreover, they have highlighted that the company’s shareholding and internal organizational structure will not be affected by the re-branding.

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