Pando Browser Coin (PANDO) Officially Listed On Bittrex

January 19, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – The recent cryptocurrency market rally has drawn a lot of attention, especially after Bitcoin more than doubled its 2017 all-time high by reaching $41,900. This move helped crypto adoption take a major leap forward, as new traders around the world started developing the interest, and seeking out ways to buy Bitcoin.

Of course, when it comes to Bitcoin, finding a way to purchase it is not a problem. It is pretty much covered by every single exchange out there. But, when it comes to altcoins, this is not always the case. Ethereum, for example, is almost as represented as BTC itself. Smaller and newer cryptocurrencies such as Pando Coin (PANDO) are not as fortunate yet.

This is why the news of PANDO being officially listed on Bittrex is such a major deal for the project.

Pando Coin Gets Supported by Bittrex

The announcement of PANDO being officially supported by Bittrex emerged on January 15th. Apart from the extra exposure that the coin is going to receive thanks to the listing, Pando Coin also managed to enter the US market in the same move.

Due to the strict regulations in the US, local investors do not have access to that many altcoins. In addition, most foreign crypto exchanges have blocked them from accessing their platforms, not wishing to get in conflict with the US regulators.

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As a result, US investors tend to jump at any opportunity to buy, hold, or trade new and emerging assets — especially if they believe that such assets have potential.

So far, Pando's products have seen significant popularity, and the same might be true for its coin. In any event, the fact that the coin was supported by Bittrex — a well known global exchange — might also open the doors towards even more listings.

About Pando

Pando Coin was created by a company called Pando Software Inc. The firm has also created an Android browser, known as Pando Browser. The app brings a lot of unique benefits, which was quickly recognized by a rather large user base.

In fact, Pando Browser recorded more than 100,000 cumulative downloads from Google's Play Store in only three months.

The browser functions as a Web 3.0 browser. As mentioned, it brings a long list of advantages to the table, at least when compared to existing browsers. Some major browsers, such as Opera, have tried to compete with blockchain browsers by improving their privacy. Opera itself added in a free VPN, although many would agree that it is not very good.

Even bigger names, such as Chrome, did not do even that. This makes it easy to see why privacy-friendly browsers are attracting popularity, especially these days, when online privacy awareness is skyrocketing.

Pando Browser allows users to completely block advertisements, or display them, all according to their personal preferences. It allows people to manage their data, and choose what they wish to share.

The browser also has a built-in VPN, so users can easily mask their identities and location, bypass censorship and geo-restrictions, and further secure their data.

More than that, Pando Browser supports cryptocurrency, and it even has another Pando product integrated — Pando Wallet. As such, it makes it easy for users to send or receive money through the browser itself.

It also has a built-in messenger for easy communication, and other similar benefits. In fact, it is closely integrated with a number of business models. The browser even offers mining rewards capabilities.

Naturally, it works perfectly with Pando Coin — its native cryptocurrency. With all of it connected, both the coin and the browser make an integral part of the Pando ecosystem — an ecosystem that is going to further grow now that Pando was added to Bittrex, where it will get the necessary exposure, traffic, and more.


Pando Coin is a native cryptocurrency of the Pando ecosystem, which includes a Pando Wallet, Messenger, and a privacy-friendly browser. The browser is the firm's leading product, as it allows users to use a free VPN, obtain mining rewards, block or allow ads, manage their coin through the built-in wallet, and more.

With Pando listed on Bittrex, the coin is likely to see a great deal of interest and usage. In doing so, it will also further increase the awareness of the browser itself, and help revolutionize the way online advertising works.

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