OANDA CMO Drew Izzo leaves the company

OANDA CMO Drew Izzo leaves the the North American electronic trading company after being at the management of the firm for more than two years. What is next on his agenda?

1 November, AtoZForex The Chief Marketing Officer at the North American electronic trading company OANDA Corporation has resigned. OANDA CMO Drew Izzo has been serving at the management of the brokerage for two and a half years.

Leadership of OANDA's marketing: Mr. Izzo's input 

drew-izzo-1Former OANDA CMO Drew Izzo now is about to be ‘free agent at large’, as he has put it. While serving in OANDA, Mr. Izzo’s role as the CMO was not focused only at the regular financial market-related matters, as he was involved with such aspects of the brokerage, as FinTech developments. As a fact, OANDA Corporation appears to be a Tech-led firm, where the company calls itself California’s ‘Silicon Valley’ for its technologically driven nature.

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Earlier this year, OANDA Corporation acquired 2,200 Tradestation users from IBFX when MONEX Group withdrew its operations from the US market. That time, Mr. Izzo has stated:

“TradeStation Forex account holders were accustomed to top technology and a broker that puts them first, which is precisely what they are finding as they start on the OANDA platform.”

He further explained that from March 2016 TradeStation Forex account holders could use TradeStation Forex platform for their research and study via one of OANDA’s platforms.

Before joining OANDA, Mr. Izzo was serving as Vice President of Marketing at IBFX for 4 years, where his responsibilities included marketing activities management at the time IBFX proposed MetaTrader 4 and the branded Tradestation platform.

After Mr. Izzo has left IBFX, the firm has sold its MetaTrader 4 clientele to FXCM, still keeping its TradeStation customers within the firm ahead of quitting the US market. After the exit of IBFX, the TradeStation clients were transferred to OANDA Corporation’s Forex trading platform.

What do we know about Drew Izzo?

The ex-CMO of OANDA has graduated from Westminster College in London with an MBA in Marketing, while also having his Bachelor degree in Hospitality from the University of Massachusetts.

Moreover, Mr. Izzo is an experienced individual, where he was also participating in The Gathering in Banff, Alberta this year. This conference was concentrated on the global brands in all industries, where it also outlined the Cult brands for the next year. Mr. Izzo believes that the data is a key factors for success across a number of sectors.

In 2013, Mr. Izzo was serving as the CEO of Athlete.com, which is providing the unique fundraisers for individuals and companies. He also has the knowledge about the venture capital agreements, as in 2008, Drew Izzo has raised as much as $8 million in venture capital for real estate startup called Roost.com.

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