New unregulated FXDD, will you risk it?

FXDD Trading, bermuda, offshoreCurrency Mountain Holdings is the parent firm behind FXDD global and other respectable brands within the FX industry. From today’s announcement, the leader in online forex trading has publicly made aware of its offshore unregulated FXDD Trading launch. The new branch is based in Bermuda, an offshore financial hub with a renowned financial regulatory system in place and already is fully operative. Earlier this month, the new unregulated FXDD Trading branch opened up its services to existing clients and more than 15,000 traders have already opened trading accounts with this new operative branch.

The reasoning for FXDD Global to enact such an entity has to do with the fact that the firm wants to diversify through offering value-added products that are restricted upon the most popular markets. Examples of these added features are a 5% annual percentage of interest rate upon unused margin and the access to a 500:1 leverage.

Playing in on the ever-developing demands of the market, FXDD Global is offering a more flexible trading set-up for the traders that are seeking for these added features and freedom. In a statement by the CEO of Currency Mountain Holdings, Mr. Emil Assentato comments on developing trend: “We’ve seen a growing appetite in the foreign exchange industry for the freedom that an entity like FXDD Trading offers”. Aside these benefits, FXDD Trading will provide its clients a range of top-notch services and products, ranging from the access to reliable streaming tier-1 liquidity to enterprise standard’s proprietary technology.

Similar to other offshore firms that offer more flexible features, FXDD is unregulated. However, the Bank of America will guard the firm’s funds of accounts. For the remaining services, the clients of FXDD can expect the similar offered quality standards of KYC policy and Anti-Money Laundering policies.

In a further clarification of the CEO of Currency Mountain Holdings, Mr. Emil Assentato indicated the following: “The new company is committed to innovation on behalf of retail and institutional currency traders, hedge funds, commercial entities, brokerage firms and money managers across the globe following in the tradition of other FXDD brands.”

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We have only one question in our minds "After all these brokers going busted after the famous SNB event, how many traders will risk their equity for these minor features in an unregulated broker?"

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