Metaquotes adds mt4 upgrade for indicator testing

mt4 upgrade

The most popular platform for retail FX trading, Metaquote’s MT4 is getting another vital upgrade. The beta version of the build 810 for MT4 will be launched today. The public MetaQuotes-Demo server located at will be updated for testing as the developers release it to the public to join in the testing phase and in the evaluation of the new features during the beta phase.

metatrader-4Following in the footsteps of other advanced trading platforms, the new upgrade includes a function for testing indicators on mt4. This function already exists on the mt5.

Consequent to the new development of the mt4 upgrade, support for MetaTrader 4 terminal builds below 745 will be disengaged from May 22, 2015. Therefore, unsupported terminal builds will not be able to connect to servers of the new versions. Clients are advised to update their platforms to accommodate the new functions and to prevent being cut out due to obsolete platform.

As stated by metaquotes, some of the added features amongst others includes:

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  • Market: The new feature in MetaTrader Market allows providing products for rent for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. This provides undeniable advantages both for developers and buyers. Sellers can significantly increase user confidence in their products, giving the customer a chance to thoroughly check the product functionality at a low cost. For buyers, the rent is another opportunity to assess a product before buying it. Any developer in the Market may choose whether or not to provide their products for rent, and what will be the cost of this rent.
  • Tester: The Strategy Tester now allows testing not only Expert Advisors, but also indicators. This can be done in the visual testing mode. The behaviour of the indicator is shown on a chart, which is plotted based on a sequences of ticks simulated in the tester.This feature is especially useful for the users who want to purchase an indicator from the MetaTrader Market. Before purchasing an indicator, you can download a free trial version and see its backtest performance in the strategy tester.
  • Hosting: Multiple improvements and fixes have been implemented in the Virtual Hosting service. The major changes apply to operation in Wine on computers running Linux and Mac OS. Now you can work with an allocated virtual server as usual: migrate it, monitor its performance and view logs.

In the same vein, popular futures trading platform, Ninjatrader added forex trading to its list of brokerage services recently.

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