LegacyFX Presents PAMM Accounts

November 4, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – LegacyFX is proud to announce the launch of their PAMM Accounts, which enable greater cooperation between proficient account managers and individual investors by providing a novel tool specifically designed to boost trading experience and performance.

“In this dynamic business, we as a company understand the vigorous demands of our current and potential clients,” says Nikolay Petkov, Head of Dealing/RiskAt LegacyFX. “Our vision is not limited to simply being a trustful brokerage but extends further to provide a respectable, dynamic, competitive, and vibrant trading environment. Our new PAMM Account system is another instrument in our arsenal to better assist us in achieving this goal with all our clients and partners.”

What are PAMM Accounts?

PAMM Accounts are a trading management module overseen by a PAMM Manager and financed by individual investors. They distribute the size and results of trades according to the percentage of an investor’s contribution to the PAMM account.

The offering of this service is fueled by LegacyFX’s commitment to delivering the latest features to its clientele and increasing client satisfaction. Registration to LegacyFX’s PAMM Accounts is available by submitting a request to support@LegacyFX.com.

Manager Impact

By providing PAMM managers a state of the art platform from which they can control clients’ portfolio LegacyFX will enable Managers to significantly diversify their followings.

This service will be applicable to not only Managers who already have an existing client base, but also to individuals or Introductory Brokers who wish to build relationships with new clients and potential investors.

This will be achieved by LegacyFX’s global presence in the marketplace along with its marketing capabilities to generate fresh leads.

Investor Impact

Individual investors will greatly benefit from LegacyFX’s new offering as it will provide them a hassle-free trading experience. This is accomplished by the fact that investors will rely on an experienced trader’s expertise whose skill sets make garnering profits statistically higher than that of private accounts.

Even though such facilities would require investors to pay fees, such costs are justifiable considering the services received and their profitable impact. Additionally, PAMM accounts will operate with the highest security and monitoring protocols possible. Accounts of the individual investor and PAMM Manager will be segregated avoiding any tampering between the accounts, issuance of false trades, and forgery of deposits or withdrawals.

LegacyFX’s software offers the investor strict and thorough monitoring of the actions taken by the Manager.

About LegacyFX

Founded in 2014, LegacyFX is a worldwide leader in forex markets and CFD trading. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide its clients with the most advanced forex and CFD services, platforms, trades, positions, assets, and transactions.

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