John McAfee named as CEO MGT Capital Investments

10 May AtoZForex, Vilnius – John McAfee, the pioneer of the popular anti-virus software is back in business again. As he has been named as the new CEO of MGT Capital Investments. The tech company core activities are focused on investments in mobile games and fantasy sports. MGT Capital Investments is located in Harrison, a town in Westchester County New York.

Not only did John McAfee got appointed as the new CEO of the tech firm. On Monday, MGT Capital,Investments announced that it would be renamed to McAfee Global Technologies. Also, the tech company said they would buy some assets of McAfee’s anti-spy software company. In this case, it is about the assets D-Vasive, the tech company plans to purchase for $300,000 shares in cash and a 47% stake in the company. In total, it amounts up to 23.8 million restricted shares.

McAfee stated that growing influence of cyber security on our lives demands the scale and resources of a public company. Hence, the acquisition of D-Vasive technology will enable them to develop MGT Capital Investments into a successful and major force in the market.

John McAfee escaped Belize in 2012

John McAfee sold his own anti-virus company for $7.6 billion to Intel, back in 2011. Also, he is among the candidates for the 2016 US presidential elections, in which the Wall Street fears for Donald Trump. Firstly, he proclaimed his party as ‘cyber’, but later he changed his mind. As he then started to position himself as a Libertarian.

McAfee lived for some period of time in Belize until he escaped in 2012 because his neighbor was murdered and country’s law enforcement authorities suspected him. However, later they stopped their persecution.

MGT Capital investments shares soar

The share price of MGT has gone up by 85% and reached a value of $0.67 after the news were released about appointing John McAfee as the new CEO of MGT Capital Investments. Despite the rise, the price per share decreased to $0.45 on Monday’s afternoon. Yet, it is still it higher than the day before.

MGT Capital investments shares soar Source: MGT Capital Investments (Click to zoom)

MGT Capital Investments and its subsidiaries mainly acquire and develop intellectual property assets, including a social casino and gaming platforms.

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