InstaForex Interview: Forex Trading Tools and ForexCopy Service

The Social Trading segment in the Forex market has grown bigger throughout the years. In today's interview with the research team of InstaForex, we discuss the development of their unique ForexCopy Service along with the other Forex trading tools.

19 February, 2020 | InstaForexThe number of Forex trading tools available to Forex traders increases every year. Whether it is educational instruments or technical analysis tools, nowadays each Forex broker offers a wide range of supportive products for different types of traders. Especially, if you are a new trader in the market or don't want to spend much time trading, this new trading tool called social trading has been gaining ground in the Forex Market.

In today's interview, we discuss with the research team of InstaForex about the development of their unique ForexCopy Service, along with other Forex trading tools they are offering for traders. But let's have a look first at the InstaForex and see what makes InstaForex different from the other Forex brokers in the market.

1. Tell us about InstaForex. What Makes InstaForex Unique? 

"InstaForex is an international brokerage brand uniting several companies that pursue the same goal: provide its clients with the best trading conditions. The history of the brand goes back to 2007. Since then, InstaForex has been constantly developing and moving forward.

During that period, the brand has earned the trust of over 7 million traders from all over the world. As a member of the InstaForex family, Instant Trading EU LTD also aims to provide its client with first-class trading services. The high quality of our products and services has been proved by numerous awards. In particular, InstaForex has been recognized as the Forex Broker of the Year for Eastern Europe 2018 by Le Fonti Awards and the Best Social Trading Broker 2016 by UK Forex Awards."

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2. Getting back to social trading. What is InstaForex's ForexCopy service about?

"We have developed a unique ForexCopy service. Using this service, you can copy deals of other traders, provide your deals for copying or do it both. For beginners, however, it is an opportunity for an easy and fast start on Forex. They can watch as deals of more experienced traders are copied on their accounts and learn on practice, not in theory. Also, for amateurs, it is an opportunity to boost their profits as they get commissions for allowing others to copy their trades."

3. What other advantages does InstaForex offer for traders? 

"We aim to ensure that our clients have a positive trading experience. For that purpose, we do our best to provide them with favorable trading conditions. The first thing I need to mention is our wide choice of trading instruments: currency pairs, commodity futures, CFDs on shares, CFDs on stock indices, CFDs on cryptocurrencies - all in all, we provide access to working with over 200 trading instruments.

Next, InstaForex can satisfy the needs of any trader, as it has as many as five account types: Standard (fixed spreads and no commissions); Eurica (no spreads and fixed commission); ECN and ECN Pro (floating spreads); Scalping (floating spreads). By the way, the Scalping account perfectly suits the needs of those traders who employ the classic scalping strategy on the currency market.

It is a rare opportunity on Forex as many brokers prohibit using such strategies. Speaking about execution: InstaForex facilitates either Market or Instant execution depending on the account type."

4. Why should traders choose InstaForex?

"We take much care about flawless connection and uninterrupted work - that is why we maintain 9 servers with 25 sub-servers in different countries around the globe. The costs and charges - this is a rather important factor that traders pay attention to when choosing a broker. As I already mentioned, we charge either fixed spreads of 2-7 pips (depending on the trading instrument) or floating spreads starting from 0.8 pips. On the Eurica accounts, we charge between 0.02%-0.07% commission.

As for the deposit and withdrawal options - here we also have pretty much to offer. The financial operations are possible through bank wire transfers, bank cards, and various payment systems. We even accept Bitcoins! And last but not the least - our analytical section of the website is a cherry on top. Over 30 analysts cater to InstaForex clients, providing them with the fresh market commentary every day. Forex news and an economic calendar are published regularly to keep our clients updated on the latest market developments. What is more, InstaForex has its own TV!"

5. InstaForex TV has caught my attention! Tell us more about your TV department.

"Our TV section is a full-fledged informational service that provides:

  • News,
  • Reviews of financial markets,
  • Interviews,
  • Economic calendar events,
  • Video analytics,
  • Other special TV projects.

The news is posted daily, so our clients are always abreast of the latest events in the financial markets. In the Trader’s Desk segment, InstaForex TV team gives answers to the most frequently asked questions on forums. Moreover, this section features educational videos explaining all aspects of trading. So, InstaForex TV is a gem in the vast selection of our services." is always in a look to bring our readers such kind of researched content. This interview is mainly focused on Unique ForexCopy Services and Forex trading tools from InstaForex. To know more about the tool, you can visit the Instaforex website using this link.

This concludes the introduction interview with InstaForex. Do you have any questions for the Research team of InstaForex regarding the Unique ForexCopy Service and Forex trading tools? Let us know in the comments section below.

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