Future Forex Leaders under 40: Meet Adamos Anastasiou

AtoZForex 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 interviews aim to identify current industry players with a potential to become Future Forex Industry Leaders. Today, we meet Adamos Anastasiou, who is the second Future Forex Leaders under 40 nominee.

16 September, AtoZForex – How will the Forex industry be shaped in the future? Numerous aspects of the industry change from time to time, and so do the professionals who work in the industry. Some will fail, while others will be able to build a long–term successful career in this field. In celebration of these professionals, AtoZ launched the “40 Future Forex Leaders under 40” campaign and nominated the future leaders in the Forex industry.

Without further ado, meet AtoZForex’s second nominee of the industry’s future leader: Adamos Anastasiou. He began his Forex career in 2008, as a Forex trader at Grandeur Investments. After eight years of working in the industry at various firms, he is now the Head of Brokerage at Fidelis Capital Markets. What is his formula for success and what can you learn from him?

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Quyen: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Adamos Anastasiou: "In life, my motivation is to help the people that are close to me, as I want to see them happy, and enjoying time with me. When it comes to the motivation at work, money and salary are one of the key incentives. It reflects the result of my work and if near-term goals have been achieved. In the long-run, my biggest motivation is to start a successful project that I can be proud of."

Quyen: What brought you to the Forex market?

Adamos Anastasiou: "I got exposed to Forex at the beginning of my studies, and through the time my interest in the market developed further. Also, lots of my courses were related to the Forex industry. After I got degrees in Economics and Business, International Finance and European Studies, it was an obvious choice for me to pursue a career in Forex. Following the industry for such a long time, I have been active since the beginning of the electronic trading and all the platforms that are available today."

Quyen: What makes you different from the rest?

Adamos Anastasiou: "The people that are close to me have made me different from the rest. I am a hard working person and a team player. I try to plan for the long term and think things out strategically. One of my mottos in life is to keep my skills sharp, and my motivations high. In addition to this, I try to get out of my comfort zone most of the time. Especially, after I have achieved one of tasks or projects, I will confront myself to focus again and consider the possible factors external or internal that can affect the result."

Quyen: What was your biggest challenge during the first two years in the Forex market?

Adamos Anastasiou: "In the first two years of my career, I worked for a technical analysis institute. At this institute, I had to trade, and at the same time take exams. The combination of generating good trading results and studying for exams in a short period was my biggest challenge. I even was having dreams of FX charts during my night rest. However, I have to admit that I learned a lot in the first two years and achieved both tasks."

Quyen: What is your dream?

Adamos Anastasiou: "I have two dreams, the first one is to have children and the second one is to travel around the world. I have traveled mostly in Europe and still want to explore Asia, North and South America."

Quyen: Which goals have you set for your career?

Adamos Anastasiou: "One of the goals that I have set for my career is to become a respectful and ethical leader in the industry. The emphasis is on being ethical, as the Forex industry is nowadays not known for this trait. Other goals are to pass several examinations that will be beneficial to my career and to fulfill the goals of the company where I currently work."

Quyen: What is your vision of the FX market?

Adamos Anastasiou: "Currently, there is a lot of regulation in the market; the regulatory bodies need to understand the needs of the market participants. Personally, I believe that the conditions of the Forex market are quite bad at the moment in terms of fairness. In my vision, I want the Forex industry to become more transparent and fair for the market participants. All the market participants should have closer ties, and enjoy more integrated communications."

Quyen: Is there anything you can advise to people freshly entering into the brokerage side of the retail FX?

Adamos Anastasiou: "My biggest advice to Juniors is to invest in their education, in order to make sure they can filter the beneficial information from the unnecessary information. The web is overloaded by information thus “filtering” it’s a great trait. Same applies on forex educational books. By reading here and there a few articles, you will not develop the required knowledge. Your aim should be to create an in-depth knowledge about Forex and the different financial markets. Learn the relationship between Forex and how it extends to these markets.

Another tip is to create concrete goals that you want to achieve for the short-term and long-term in your career. Write them down and push yourself to achieve them in a pre-set time frame. Never forget your goals. The brokerage side of the retail of FX is very competitive, be prepared to go up against persons that will try to take down your achievements."

Quyen: I know you are not allowed to trade, however, having been to the industry for such a long time now, what is the biggest recommendation you can give to traders?

Adamos Anastasiou: "There are two things that I recommend traders, firstly is risk management. Secondly, but perhaps more importantly is to improve your psychology. There are lots of books about how to improve risk management and psychology. Once, you have the right risk management in place and have developed your psychology, you will notice that your trading performance improves."

Quyen: My last question is not on the list, but I want to know what your favorite currency pair is?

Adamos Anastasiou: "I don’t have a particular favorite currency pair. However, I used to like EURJPY, due to numerous of successful trades that I have made with this pair. Later on, I learned that this preference was just a mindset and I dropped the liking for EURJPY. Therefore, I don’t have a favorite currency pair anymore; instead, I like all the major pairs."

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