Forex Market Evolution – Introducing Crowd Trading

Recently we have seen a steep rise in number of new trading platforms. It appears that every broker out there tries to reduce their Metaquote’s MT4 dependency. These platforms range from white-label social trading platforms to in-house developed platforms classic trading platforms. Adding to this ever-changing market, a new type of platform has been introduced by a Cyprus based unique broker - Trade360, depicting the very first CrowdTrading platform in the market.

When we asked what does Trade360 stand for, a company spokesperson at Trade360 commented: as the industry’s first CrowdTrading platform, Trade360 enables traders to make faster and smarter trading decisions by harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowd.

AtoZForex was one of the pioneers to have an exclusive Sneak-Peek to its innovative Crowdtrading platform. For the ones not knowing what it exactly implies, the term Crowd already give a clear hint that the platform is providing any sort of solution that can be used to see and trade according to the collective opinion.

Trade360 applies the concept of group intelligence to Online Trading. We monitor the trading positions and movements of different segments of Traders, and present them in an aggregated approach that's easy to understand. By examining the crowd's movements before opening a trading position, our Traders are able to make confident, well-informed trading decisions,” the official website of Trade360 indicates.

Intuitive and Easy trade

Various AtoZ Forex’s team members have reviewed the new Trade360 Crowd trading platform as well as its benefits and outlined the following cons and pros:

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96/100 Review
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96/100 Review
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  • A trader will see immediately in one full overview the possible trades the currency pairs, commodities, stocks, CFDs and indices of his choice
  • Have a direct access to the uniquely developed “Crowd” feed on over 100 tradable instruments

You can see what the crowd is looking for You can see what the crowd is looking for

  • Platform in 19 languages
  • Easy to customize your charts
  • Rich indicator and oscillator base available free of charge

User-friendly easy to use free indicators User-friendly easy to use free indicators

  • Mobile, PC or Tablet your platform would be available directly
  • Bug-free trading
  • Now it is up to the trader whether or not to follow the crowd. As it generally says it is the 5% of the traders who win, hence it would be up to you to follow or to go against the crowd

Besides all the unique elements of the new CrowdTrading platform it is lacking the ease of Auto trading for now, which we believe would be developed very soon. But don’t take our words go ahead and test the platform yourself.

There is a practice mode to teach you about the platform basics, in which you can earn up to $60, completely free, as well as bonuses for phone verification.

Get your bonus now!

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