Divisa Rebranded to Equiti

November 13, 2018 | AtoZ Markets

Forex Broker and Investment & Asset Management company Divisa UK Limited has announced that the company will soon take on the branding and name of its parent company - Equiti Group Limited and operate under the new brand name Equiti Capital.

The company will also transfer the domain name to a new website www.equiticapital.co.uk from the former website www.divisacapital.com. Divisa Capital was founded in 2008 and holds Divisa Capital LP and Divisa US LLC as their subsidiaries.

Divisa Capital is the trading name of Divisa UK Limited with its subsidiaries Divisa US, Divisa AM (Armenia), EGM Securities (Kenya) and Bloom Capital, formerly Divisa NZ. Divisa US has also rebranded to Equiti US and Divisa AM will follow shortly.

The rebranding will be applied to all Divisa’s platforms including Divisa Vault, the company’s trading platform, which will be rebranded to “Equiti Vault.”

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CEO of Equiti Capital group Brain Myers quoted that

“This brings our Group companies even closer together and we are delighted the company now reflects the Equiti brand.”

Also, Equiti Group’s CEO Iskandar Najjar stated that

“We want to create a strong global brand to deliver on the Equiti’s Group’s vision. Brand alignment of all companies within the Group to the Equiti masterbrand will facilitate our efforts to deliver global excellence, lead with innovation, leverage skills and resources across all companies within the Group and support our plans for strategic global growth.”

Company’s Prior Acquisitions

In early 2017, Divisa UK Limited was acquired by the Equiti Group, which is part of a global group of companies that includes EGM Futures DMCC in Dubai, EGM Securities in Kenya, Equiti Jordan, Equiti US, Bloom Capital (New Zealand) and Divisa AM.

In early 2018, Equiti Group was awarded the first brokerage license to be issued in over ten years by Jordan’s markets regulator, the Jordan Securities Commission, and the first brokerage to receive a license by the Central Markets Authority of Kenya. 

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