Crypterium Debuts Pre-Registration for an Exclusive Private Equity Sale to be Hosted on Seedrs

January 27, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Crypterium, a leading crypto wallet and card provider, has kicked off the pre-registration of an exclusive private equity sale that will be hosted on Seedrs - a U.K regulated alternative fundraising ecosystem. The KPMG-awarded Fintech startup said that this initiative will be instrumental in pushing forward its goal of bridging digital and traditional finance.

With the crypto market being mostly bullish last year, fundamental players in the industry have largely felt the positive trickle down effects. Crypterium which offers both personal and B2B fiat-to-crypto solutions witnessed a 10x growth in its monthly profits, while the transactional volume shot up by 300%. The number of Crypterium wallet users is now past 350,000 with the service available in over 170 countries.

New Dawn in Crypto Startup Fundraising

Famous for its wild volatility, the crypto market has not been a favorite for conservative investors who in most cases hold the largest chunk of disposable capital. Innovators in this nascent industry have been forced to come up with new ideas such as decentralized governance tokens in order to raise capital.

It now seems that Crypterium is leading the pack to a new dawn where crypto innovators can also raise capital through regulated Launchpad platforms such as Seedrs. Crypterium’s COO Austin Kimm noted that this milestone is not only significant for them, but the larger crypto market;

“Being accepted on Seedrs is a landmark not only for Crypterium but for the entire cryptocurrency industry. We’re confident our initiative will additionally encourage other solid companies and applications in this ever-evolving industry to also raise money to further expand their reach and contribute to mass adoption.”

Given the closed nature of Crypterium’s private equity sale, prospect investors will have to pre-register on Seedrs. This FCA regulated fundraising platform exposes all types of investors to businesses they believe will be successful, giving them an opportunity to invest as little or as much as their risk appetite allows.

Traditional Finance Meets Digital Assets

Looking at Crypterium’s fundamentals, its digital wallet and card services are built to serve as a wholesome crypto bank. This ecosystem allows users to manage their digital assets with services ranging from crypto purchases, cash-outs, card payments and yield earning opportunities. Built for both businesses and individual users, Crypterium’s crypto-fiat ecosystem also features crypto-backed loans.

The company’s CEO who is the former GM of Visa Central & Eastern Europe, Steven Parker, said that the private equity sale is an opportunity for more futurists to invest in the revolutionary digital asset scope.

“The ability to sell equity through Seedrs presents a remarkable opportunity for both retail and institutional investors alike to leverage the growing force of the digital assets market together with an industry-leading player.”

Crypterium’s Bullish Scaling Plans

Going by the current crypto market outlook, most fundamental players are optimistic of a bullish year or at least two. It comes as no surprise that Crypterium is taking a leap to capitalize on the ongoing momentum. The crypto wallet and card provider has outlined four main areas where the proceeds of the private sale will be allocated for scaling purposes.

These include its VISA program where they intend to develop and launch card services in leading markets like the U.S and China. The firm also noted that it will scale its B2B outreach to collaborate with over 100 retail-oriented businesses which have already applied to leverage Crypterium’s services.

Other areas that will be allocated funding are community campaign initiatives and new jurisdictional license acquisitions. Crypterium targets to hit a $1 billion transactional volume by increasing its user base and expanding its operational scope to a worldwide level.


While traditional markets and banking are still the dominant pillars of today’s financial ecosystems, a paradigm shift to digital marketplaces is inevitable. Today, crypto innovations like Crypterium are challenging the status quo with simplified digital asset solutions; they also bring along utility tokens which are a form of wealth accumulation for stakeholders. Crypterium’s native ERC-20 token, CRPT, stands to gain significant growth if the closed private equity sale goes through successfully.


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