CONSOB Forex Broker warning: 9 new brokers red-flagged

Continuing the series of its warnings, Italian regulator issues fresh CONSOB Forex Broker warning, with 9 new firms under the spotlight. What do we know about these entities?

28 December, AtoZForex – Italy's financial regulator Commissione Nazionale per la Societá e la Borsa (CONSOB) warned against 9 Forex Brokers, including the company Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd.

CONSOB Forex Broker warning

Italian regulator has suspended all 9 brokers from their activities offered to the public residents in Italy. Additionally, CONSOB Forex Broker warning includes the names and the domains the broker utilize. In its CONSOB Forex Broker warning, the watchdog mentions that under the terms of Article 99, Paragraph 1, letter b of the Consolidated Law on Finance, the brokers are suspended for 90 days from their activities in Italy.

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Moreover, the watchdog also mentioned that the firm Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. has no authority to provide investment services and business in Italy. Also, the regulator stressed that the broker operates through the website

Furthermore, the CONSOB Forex Broker warning also included the companies, named Altair Entertainment Nv, Payific Ltd. and Capital Force Ltd. according to the official announcement, these entities have no authority to provide any investment services in Italy. They have no authority to run any financial business through the website

Also, Cumberland Capital Ltd. that runs through is not authorized to provide investment services and business in Italy in any way, including via the website Additionally, the companies Brooks Partners, Pel Ltd, and S&Y Market Kft are red-flagged by CONSOB. They have no authority to run any financial business in any way across Italy, and through the website

Moreover, the regulator mentioned that the companies Broker Yard, Techofin Ltd, and OCapital Lp have no authority to provide any financial investment services or business in Italy. This includes operating through the website

Italian CONSOB eye Forex Industry 

The watchdog has been issuing a lot of warnings against such entities in short time. Hence, that reflects the Italian watchdog’s increased attention to unregulated Forex providers. Earlier this month, the watchdog warned against Forex Broker CLF, Service Merchant Corp. Also, the regulator suspended the broker from its activities offered to the public residents in Italy.

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