Best Islamic Forex Broker Award Presented to ADS Securities

Earlier this year, AtoZ Markets held a global poll to identify this year's Best Forex Brokers. In an exciting run towards the final day of the global online poll, ADS Securities Group receives two Forex awards this year. ADS Securities Group got named as the Best Islamic Broker and the Best Execution Broker for 2016.

The Best Islamic Forex Broker award goes to ADS Securities

Undoubtedly, the Islamic Forex market is growing fast, offering good investment opportunities for many brokers globally. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by ADS Securities Group.

As ADS Securities Group receives two Forex awards, the first category goes out as the Best Islamic Forex Broker. This award marks ADS Securities as a reliable Islamic Broker in the GCC region, serving the needs of the Islamic Forex community. An example of this is the recent launch of the very first Arabic multi-asset app trading application for mobiles and tablets in the market. The ADS Securities Arabic Language trading app is available on popular mobile platforms Google Android and Apple iOS. Hence, it is another step for ADS Securities Group to secure its presence in the Arabic-speaking Forex market.

Best Forex Execution 2016

Aside the Best Islamic Broker award, ADS Securities Group also got distinguished with the Best Forex Broker Execution Award. This new milestone is a sign that the traders’ community is acknowledging ADS Securities as a reliable trading platform.

Considering that ADS Securities continuously invests in technology, in order to maintain and provide the fastest and trustworthy execution to its clients. As an example, the Group’s trade servers in LD4 offer unrivaled low latency trade execution, while their clients trade directly on the market with the company's liquidity providers.

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