ARPP updates France Forex Advertisement Recommendations

Following the new requirements that came into force with Sapin 2 law, French Advertising Authority ARPP updates France Forex Advertisement Recommendations. What did the ARPP include into the update?

25 October, AtoZForex The advertising self-regulatory organization of France, Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP) has informed the public that it has updated its recommendations for the advertising of particular financial products. To be more specific, the ARPP has revised advertising recommendation in regards to Forex and CFDs products.

ARPP updates France Forex Advertisement Recommendations

The ARPP’s set of recommendations aims to align them with the new requirements that came into force with Sapin 2 law. The update also aims to highlight the need for the advertising of financial and investment products and services to comply with social responsibility norms.

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The ARPP recommendations specifically talk about the advertising of financial services like Forex and CFDs that do not fall under the Sapin 2 law ban.

What is exactly included in the revised set of France Forex Advertising Recommendations?

Transparency Recommendations

ARPP highlights that the advertisements should be easily identifiable as such. The firm behind the advertisement should be explicitly displayed. Moreover, the authority notes that the nature of the products and services that are being advertised should be made clear. It is vital that they do not get confused with other products and services.

The ad also should be realistic. It is important that the advertisement does not contain any promises of limited or zero risks that are associated with the services presented in the ad.

The company should not present any gains as easy or realizable on a regular basis. The advertisement should not promise that the training proposed by a broker can enable the customer to gain the professional level of expertise.

Social responsibility requirements

ARPP also recommends making sure that the advertisements are compliant with social responsibility norms. This is the reason why such ads should not misrepresent the risks associated with these services. This is irrespective of the type of trading offered; it is valid for both demo and real trading.

The French authority also reminds that it prohibits the inappropriate presentation of the risks associated with bonuses. The advertisements should not present the financial services as a game. In no way should the firm provide the analogy between trading and gaming.

Following on this, the advertisements should not encourage the excessive use of the risky products. In addition, the ads should not suggest that the use of these products will bring regular revenue to the client. It also should not suggest that trading these products can help them solve any financial problems. Furthermore, the France Forex Advertisement Recommendations state that the ads should not be targeting minors.

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