18 May,, Amsterdam — From the recent statement of AETOS, the renowned Australian broker in financial products trading services, announced that it now possesses over a FCA license with VOP (Variation of Permission) to hold client’s funds. In more detail about the financial entity, AETOS Capital Group is regulated and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, also commonly refered to as ASIC.

Why the upgrade?

The brokerage’s headquarter is based in Sydney Australia and back in 2007 AETOS received the ASIC license. The company’s financial services consists of administering corporate as well as retail clients with diverse financial derivatives products varying between CFD in forex, stock indices, energy, metals and agriculture.

Back in May 2013, AETOS Capital Group successfully applied for the prestigious FCA license, opening its doors to the forex market in the UK and whole Europe. Reportedly, the Australian brokerage already established its branch office in London by then, as AETOS was setting up this particular office back in December 2012. Hence, marking almost two years of business operations on the European market with the FCA license. However, as AETOS continuously develops its business, it is mandatory to upgrade to AETOS VOP FCA License.

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Conform to MiFID regulations

Aside the news upon AETOS VOP FCA License, recently AETOS Capital Group fulfilled its important milestone by obtaining a FCA license with variation of permission for the purpose of holding client’s funds. Basically, it means that now the Australian financial entity is allowed to hold the margin deposits of its clients in their custodian bank, as per regulated by the FCA. Aside this benefit, AETOS will now conform to the MiFID regulations in the European Union to offer their financial services up to 29 EEA states. These include now contracts for differences, spread bet, rolling spot forex contracts, futures and options.

Another noteworthy fact is that AETOS Capital Group has just gained over last week a new partnership in Australia, specifically on the 15th of May. The broker is now collaborating with the Australian forex training firm Appel Society Pty Limited.

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