ADS Securities Arabic Language Trading App launch

4 May AtoZForex, Vilnius —  The popularity of trading apps is on the rise and not questionable. This trend did of course not go unnoticed by the financial entities. Considering that more and more, financial firms have tapped into the mobile app trend. The latest mobile application involves the launch of ADS Securities Arabic language trading app.

Remarkably, it is the very first Arabic multi-asset app trading application for mobiles and tablets in the market. The ADS Securities Arabic Language trading app is available on popular mobile platforms Google Android and Apple IOS. In order to download, traders can simply retrieve it from either Google Play or the Apple Appstore.

ADS Securities Arabic Language Trading App launch

In more detail, the Abu Dhabi-based electronic trading stalwart ADS Securities launched the trading app based on OREX trading platform. Hence, the ADS Securities’ trading app is called OREX Mobile. As the launch of ADS Securities Arabic Language trading app took place, the CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Forex broker expressed his excitement upon this new development. ADS Securities CEO and Vice-Chairman, Phillipe Ghanem stated as follow:

“The development and launch of OREX Mobile is the natural next step in the evolution of our brokerage business. It is a new way to access our high standard of service combined with market-leading prices and spreads–OREX puts the power of a desktop in traders’ pockets to make the markets work for them anytime, anywhere.”

Why the Arabic language functionality?

You might be wondering why the trading app has an Arabic language functionality? Well, if you’re up to date with the retail electronic trading market it would be an easy answer. The Gulf states are not only known for the large crude oil production, but it is also one of the regions that are experiencing an exponential growth in the retail electronic trading market.

Therefore, it makes sense for the launch of ADS Securities Arabic Language trading app. Considering that it such a substantial market that Forex brokers cannot ignore. Trough offering the Arabic language support, now traders from the Gulf states are able to operate their trading accounts conveniently in the right language.

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