TD Sequential Ultimate Indicator

The TD Sequential Ultimate indicator is now available on our AtoZ Markets website.

It offers multiple improvements over other implementations of methods. In addition to displaying Buy and Sell Setups and TDST Support and Resistance levels, it also shows failed attempts at a 13-bar Buy or Sell Countdown, as well as the Setup Perfection arrows.

It is a technical analysis indicator that shows the distance of a stock from its highs and lows. The indicator helps traders see when an asset has broken out of a trading range by generating signals for both long and short trades. The upper and lower bands can be adjusted for different equity markets, making this tool valuable for analyzing individual stocks as well as the S&P 500 Index SPX.

The indicator generates signals for both long and short trades. In this way, it can be used as a standalone trading strategy or in conjunction with other strategies to increase your odds of success.

Now that you understand how the Ultimate Indicator works, let's look at how it can help you.

  • The indicator will show you where the market is heading in the short term.
  • It can be used to identify trends and make trading decisions.
  • This indicator is very powerful and can be used to help you make money.

This indicator lets you make changes to the code and is compatible with MetaTrader versions 4 and 5.

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96/100 Review
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What is TD Sequential?

TD Sequential is a system that indicates when a trend might be reversing by measuring at least a partial exhaustion of the current trend and how close it is to stalling. A perfection level can also be calculated, which gives an indication of how likely the trend will continue based on historical data.

TD Sequential Ultimate indicator adds another technique to TD Sequential, TDST support and resistance levels. These levels are based on the Buy/Sell Setup candles and can be used alone or in combination with the rest of the TD Sequential system.

Input parameters


  • MaxBars:  The number of bars for which the indicator will calculate TD Sequential counts. Zero value means that the indicator will calculate its counts for all available bars. The higher the number, the slower the indicator will work.

Try this TD Sequential Ultimate indicator with a reputable broker on a free account:

Multibank Review
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96/100 Review
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96/100 Review
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How to trade with TD Sequential Ultimate

There are many ways to use TD Sequential. For example, you can buy/sell when the Countdown mark 13 occurs near a support or resistance point. Another method is to use the Setup and then wait for prices to move away from that level before buying or selling.

When I watched the indicator on Forex pairs, I found that support and resistance levels printed by TD Sequential offered good places to enter and exit trades. When an asset's price fell below a support level or rose above a resistance level, this indicated that the price was likely going to change direction—a bullish signal for long positions and a bearish signal for short positions.

Although the indicator system provides some basis for analysis, it doesn't seem to provide any sustainable edge without applying confirmations from additional technical indicators or fundamental signals.

However, this indicator system doesn't seem to be providing any sustainable edge without applying confirmations from additional technical indicators or fundamental signals.

How to download and install an indicator

 To install the indicator on your MT4 or MT5 platform, first you need to apply the indicator, download it first. Next, extract the files and move them into your Metatrader 4 Indicators folder. Restart your software and navigate to Indicators. Select “TD Sequential Ultimate” from the list of templates on the left side.

Should you trade with a TD Sequential Ultimate Indicator on your own at all?

For the best results, read this before you start trading with this indicator.

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