Spread Indicator mt4

Spread Indicator mt4 will help you to see your real live spread. Place indicator in the indicator folder from your MetaTrader. When you add the indicator on the chart you are able to change these settings on the input tab.

How to Trade with Spread Indicator MT4

  • Once you download, it must be saved inside the Indicators Folder.
  • You open your MT4 navigator and find the spread indicator and double click or click and drag into a chart you want the spread indicator to display.
  • By default, you will have a text and number display on the top left-hand side of the MT4 trading platform with something like this: Spread: 23 points. This simply means the spread is 2.3 pips.
  • Any time the bid and ask price change, you will see the spread indicator is also very quick to change in real-time as well while you are watching.
  • When a piece of major forex news like, the non-farm is about to be released, try putting on the spread indicator and see what happens…you’ll be surprised to see how large the spreads will widen

How to Download Spread Indicator MT4

1. Click on the Download button below the screen.

2. Save the mq4 file into the following folder: meta traderexpertsindicators

3. Restart your Metatrader platform

4.  Click “Indicators” button in Metatrader toolbar

5. Select “Custom”

6. Search and select the GRF Leading Edge custom Indicator in “Custom” list

7. Adjust settings or press OK to add the indicator to your selected chart

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