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July 29, 2021, | AtoZ Markets- Gold is one of the attractive commodities for investors. Read how to invest in gold, and check out our investment guide to how to buy gold online.

It's a good time to invest in gold online? How can I invest my money in metals like gold? Do I have the necessary knowledge to invest my money in gold? Which broker is the best to buy gold online? All these questions will be answered in this article.

For many years, gold has become a symbol of richness thanks to its great investment qualities from other metals. Now it is possible to invest in gold online and obtain these profits.

Gold is one of the most attractive commodities for investors globally. It is also one of the most profitable. However, we must be very careful when investing our funds. In this article, you will learn in detail how to start investing in gold online. In addition, which are the best places to do it. Also, you will learn in detail how to invest in gold, and how to buy gold online.

How to Invest in Gold Online

For many investors, understanding how to invest in gold can be a bit complicated, and sometimes even confusing. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about how to invest your money in gold. For many traders, understanding how to invest in gold can be a bit complicated. Also, and sometimes even confusing. That is the reason for this complete guide. In this article, you will find everything you need to know how to invest your money in gold.

For that reason, there are different options to start investing in gold. The most important is because its price is not so affected in times of crisis, such as a pandemic. In addition, investing in gold in the long term is very profitable, since its value does not decrease.

Another point to consider is that it does not devaluate with time as money does. This is due to the reason that it is not regulated by the government. Only by the law of supply and demand.

For all these factors, buying gold online, or investing in gold online is a great option for all traders. Here you will find you need to know how to buy gold online.

Check Our Guide About How to Invest in Gold

For many years, savvy investors have been aware of how important it is to include gold in their portfolios. In addition to offering them asset diversification, gold is recognized worldwide as a safe investment to protect their funds. In addition, its high demand and high value have made it a favorite among other forms of investment. According to the World Gold Council, gold buying rates have been increasing significantly in recent years. Gold’s disparate trading centers around the world. They are linked as market participants drive the convergence of local gold prices. Through arbitrage activity.

However, there are still important distinctions across geographies such as trade restrictions. Taxes on gold, and differing standards such that a single integrated gold trading market does not exist.

Despite the slowdown in the world economy, by economic effects of the pandemic, demand for gold has been gradually recovering.

World demand amounted to 815.7 tons during January-March. Also, up slightly from 813.7 tons in October-December last year.

But down 23% from the first quarter of 2020, the WGC said in its latest quarterly report.

The volatility of the gold market is important for analyzing current and future expectations or uncertainty for the price of gold itself as well as risk in the global markets.

Why Invest Your Money in Gold?

To know if gold is a good investment or not, it is important to understand why people decide to buy it.

In times of economic uncertainty, buying gold makes more sense than buying other financial assets. This is why it is known as a haven asset.

Owning the golden metal can be one of the best ways to preserve your wealth and even make a profit.

Gold Outperformed Major Assets in 2020

buy gold online


In our outlook for gold, we believe investment demand will remain well supported while gold consumption. Also, should benefit from the nascent economic recovery. Especially in emerging markets.

As we can see, although it is no longer a primary form of currency in the developed world. Gold remains a very popular investment for multiple reasons.

Adding different assets to your investment portfolio is an essential way to diversify and reduce risk.

In addition, gold often moves inversely to stock and monetary assets. Gold is considered a hedge investment and is highly effective.

Regulation for Online Gold Investors

Parts of the market infrastructure that exist to buy and sell gold are regulated too.

The bullion banks and exchanges that buy and sell gold or gold products, as well as financial advisors and wealth managers. They are typically regulated by their home regulators.

In the UK for example, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the conduct of several organizations including Exchanges (e.g. The London Precious Metals Exchange (LME).

Likewise, bullion banks, the “clearing” banks, financial advisors, and investment and wealth managers.

The FCA also regulates the LBMA Gold Price, the internationally recognized global price benchmark for gold.

Meanwhile, dealers and online platform providers of gold products are not typically regulated.

Each broker has the option to invest money in gold through an online platform. Must always meet all the requirements to offer this product.

Ways of Invest Your Money in Gold Online

The fundamental difference between the purchase of physical gold and the rest is that while in the first one it is necessary to buy and actual possession of the good, in all other cases it is not necessary to obtain the raw material, but the purchase of other assets that are reflected in the quoted price of gold, in other words, ultimately replicate the valuation in the changes in the price of the asset, in this case, gold. Gold CFDs are contracts for differences that quote according to an index, in this case, the price of gold, so they are derivatives on commodities.

This system is increasingly used to the detriment of the simple physical purchase of gold, as it allows these assets to be disposed of at any time, the price can be tracked, and they are more liquid than the purchase of gold, as they can be easily bought and sold on the markets.

How to Use Gold Futures to Invest in Gold Online?

Gold futures are contracts used to trade gold under a certain price, quantity, and time constraints, in which quantities are traded at a certain price at present, but with a term date in the future. In this way, the signatories to the transaction commit themselves to sell and buy a certain amount of gold at a price agreed and determined in advance. They are financial hedging elements, to protect against rises or falls depending on the agent's intention; or as a way of investing in the face of price movements. Meanwhile, ETFs are a mix between shares and investment funds, which have no maturity and are easier to buy than physical gold.

Where Invest Your Money to Buy Gold?

Before taking the step of buying gold online, you must inform yourself thoroughly and independently about which broker to buy from. The best tool to turn to for this is the internet, as you will find unbiased information on different experiences, opinions, and recommendations from millions of people around the world. It may sound obvious, but why not start by doing a simple Google search using the broker's name? The Internet is the world's largest open forum over which companies have no control. If a broker does not have a good reputation online, this will be quickly reflected on the web and therefore such a company should be avoided at all costs.

At Atoz Markets we have the best list of brokers to invest in currencies and metals globally. With an extensive analysis of all the benefits and advantages of each one of them.

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 Benefits of Invest Your Money Buying Gold

In the world, the gold units are measured in Troy Ounces against a currency, usually, the investors use dollars, and this is equivalent to each dollar having a value in gold.

These are some of the benefits of online gold trading:

  • The advantages of these systems are the liquidity they have, being able to get rid of the investment at any time through the online platforms in the various financial markets.
  • Another advantage is that you can buy instantly in the case of having competitive prices that allow you to maintain generalized profits.
  • Another benefit is that these online platforms have security in transactions, which improves the confidence of investors.
  • In this type of asset, the investor must always have a broad knowledge of this type of trading instrument as well as all the risks and volatility that are handled.
  • Gold managed on online platforms is an asset highly recommended by professional investors, and is a basic component in their investment portfolios.
  • Online gold trading platforms allow you to achieve higher returns on your investments.
  • Buying and selling are very easy and instant.
  • The lowest expenses and commissions of all the existing ways to invest in gold.
  • You don't have to manage your storage, just check the digits on a screen.

How to Invest Your Money in Gold

Our guide is one of the best tools that has helped thousands of people successfully choose their best investment opportunities among brokers and investment managers.

Buying investment gold through a good online broker is fast, simple, and secure.  You can sign up and register your online profile in just two minutes and from then on you can buy gold and other investment metals online 24 hours a day. By creating your profile, you will be able to keep track of all your transactions and investments, as well as access the latest market news. There is currently a long list of gold and metals products offered at competitive prices. Buying investment metals such as gold has never been easier and safer. When stock prices fall, the price of gold tends to rise as investors look for a "safe" place to shelter their money.

 How to Execute Gold Operations?

 It is quite simple to trade gold on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform in terms of the practical procedure of entering or exiting the market.

It is almost identical to how you trade currencies, which is why a substantial number of Forex traders also trade gold from the comfort of their platform. We should be aware that there are trading details that change between brokers, such as operating margin levels, or trading costs for precious metals such as gold and silver. In the meantime, most brokers offer two types of gold: forex and spot.

What is the difference?

Not much in terms of price, but they imply differences in terms of the strategy to use. These are:

  • Spot: Usually represented under the symbol GOLD, and refers to the spot price of the metal in the commodity market in dollars. Typically, when people talk about the price of gold, they are referring to this indicator.
  • In Currency it refers to a "cross" between gold and a currency, for example, XAU (the symbol for gold) shown in Euros (EUR) would appear on the platform as XAUEUR.

The spot price and XAUUSD are basically the same, and so your platform could have either GOLD or XAU/USD. If you don't find one of those symbols, you can look for the other and you will find the chart you are looking for. On the left-hand side of your MT4 screen, there should be a panel called "market watch" with a list of all the instruments offered by your broker.

You can also look for the gold chart in the Create a New Chart Button and check where it says Metals, there you can also see the gold price.



To create a market order, the first thing you need to do is right-click on the chart, and from the menu that appears first select "trading", and in the next menu "new order". Then, you can choose how many lots to trade, define the take profit and stop loss levels, and if you want to trade immediately or when the market reaches a certain level. After that, click on "sell" or "buy" according to the signal you are looking for in your trading operation.

Trading Strategies to Invest Your Money in Gold

When investing in gold you can use strategies derived from:

1.   Fundamental Analysis

For investors who want to base on fundamentals, the study of various global macroeconomic variables is as well. As data and news on the supply and demand of gold will be essential.

The price of gold is not directly influenced by a country's fiscal or monetary policy. Will always be worth something. Unlike a currency that can lose much or all of its value as a result of, for example, rampant inflation.

Gold also manages another fundamental condition. The yellow metal, like the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc, and U.S. Treasury Bonds, has served over the years as a haven asset for investors.

This perception is universally and recognized by traders. Investors tend to buy gold or other instruments considered safe when the level of risk increases.

On the other hand, investors are more likely to sell safe-haven assets when risk appetite increases. They opting for equities and other currencies with higher returns as a viable option.

This makes gold an important hedge instrument and a valuable asset. It is important to know that when investing in gold, the fluctuations of the dollar (USD) must also be considered.

For example, if the dollar appreciates strongly, the price of gold could fall. This applies to the inverse correlation between the two assets.

2.   Technical Analysis

Online gold traders know that the major gold exchanges are always open. The trading flows seamlessly from London and Zurich to New York.
This means that gold liquidity at the online investment level is high throughout the day.
However, as with the forex market, buying and selling activities may moderate somewhat after the New York close.

During these online trading hours, volumes are lower, however, there is the potential for bouts of volatility and abrupt price movements.

For those who prefer technical analysis, the easiest way to begin trading is to find the market entry or exit points. Also, is through the use of previous high and low prices, trend lines, and chart patterns.

When it comes to such chart patterns, such as the shoulder-head-shoulder, double top, or double bottom. These formations are just as relevant as the trading we use for the forex market.

Also, for the more experienced technical trader, Eliot Wave analysis, Fibonacci Retracements, or momentum indicators can provide good signals of gold prices.


3.   Market Sentiment

To trade gold on an online trading platform, a trader must always project whether the risk appetite of the market is high or not.

If it is, the gold price is likely to fall, while if the risk appetite is low the gold price could rise. For the more advanced trader, it is always important to consider the behavior and outlook for the dollar. And the time frame you have chosen to trade.

In recent years, the dollar has become a haven asset. Partly explains why the gold price is always expressed in dollars.

Therefore, if you think the geopolitical situation of the world's major economies is going to worsen, you could consider buying gold and make very good profits.

An advanced trader should always keep an eye on the dynamics between supply and demand. And in this context, consumption coming from India and China has a strong relevance. As well as the global production of large mining companies.

In Summary

In summary, buying gold online is a great option for any investor who wants to make wonderful profits.

There are now excellent brokers that allow you to invest in gold online, with very easy-to-use platforms and instant and secure transactions.

In the past, gold trading was difficult, as the investor had to buy and sell physical quantities of the yellow metal. With the advancement of technology and financial products came better and very profitable options for anyone to invest online in gold and other metals.

If a trader has an online "Contracts for Difference" (CFD) trading account, investing in gold is fairly easy and is a matter of buying or selling depending on your opinion of the future direction of the metal's prices.

For some people, gold trading is attractive simply because the underlying asset is a physical, tangible commodity. When trading gold online, always consider reviewing each day whether the risk appetite in the market is high or low, and always review the performance of the dollar on the international financial markets during your trading day.

Also, use trading strategies that allow for a combination of fundamental, technical, and market sentiment analysis. Be aware of the leverage you will use when trading gold online, as you must minimize the risk per trade to make good and consistent profits.

What Are the Best Brokers to Invest in Gold Online?

To have good results when trading gold online you should deposit your funds in a regulated broker that gives you peace of mind when withdrawing your funds. Always read the best list of best brokers in the market to invest in gold, visit our website  www.atozmarkets.com and let us help you become a successful online gold trader.

Trading gold in today’s online markets allows investors to profit from big daily price movements and long-term trends. Today it is easier to become a successful trader and invest online in gold and other metals. If you want to invest in gold online through the stock market, you need to look for a full-service broker or use an online buying/selling gold platform. This way, you can also invest in gold without having to go to the trouble of buying, storing, and ensuring it.

To do this, you just need to be disciplined when studying the market. Have a great broker to use an excellent online gold investment platform, and have ongoing training and proper advice when you have questions.

Minimize Your Risk in Gold and Refrain The Emotional Trading

If you are already determined to start investing in gold online, you may ask yourself, how did you start to buy online gold? We share some ways you can do it. Gold increases its value when inflation becomes a scary item. As a result, during times of inflation, invest in online gold offers a much more stable investment than cash.

This is why currently, given that markets fear global inflation, it is a good idea to invest in assets such as gold, and doing this online investment is a great decision. Follow the technical and fundamental analysis of commodities and you can have great profits in your trades.

  • The gold market is full of opportunities for investments.
  • Start trading gold CFDs now.
  • This is the time to invest in gold online and make big profits.

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