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Binance crypto-fiat exchange is expected to enter the private beta testing in Singapore, according to the Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao. What do we know about this cryptocurrency project?
ICO is the acronym for "Initial Coin Offering". This term is used when a currency wants to raise money to enter the market. Yet, how does an ICO work? AtoZ Markets conducted a research and assembled a guide that covers the core elements of an ICO that every beginners needs to know.
Kraken Halifax Staff Layoff Rumours Denied
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 7, 2018
Did you hear about Kraken Halifax staff layoff? Do not be quick to believe it. According to the support team of the company, there is no security breach and they are not shutting down any operations.
Trump, Putin and US earnings season – Market Commentary from David Jones, Chief Market Strategist at
Financial market analysis by David Jones
In a bid to grow their user base, Chinese Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Launches Trading Platform in Australia. The fourth largest exchange in the world has started trading with digital coins exchanged for the Australian dollar.
Market commentary by David Jones, Chief Market Strategist of