How to Fix Common MT5 Trading Error?

Most of the FX traders face problems while trading using MetaTrader 5 trading software. While MT5 is the best trading platform for Forex traders, most of the traders still use MT4 for trading. If you ever encountered a common MT5 trading error message, this guide will help you fix it easily.

May 27, 2019, | AtoZ Markets - Your MT5 Expert Advisor could display an error message while opening, closing or modifying an order. The error code would tell about the error and here’s an easy way to decode the message.

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MT5 trading Error Codes

The error code would typically have two letters, followed by a set of numbers. The letters could be OE, CE or ME. Here, OE stands for Open Error, CE stands for Close Error and ME signifies Modify Error.

OE Errors

The most common error codes related to opening an order are:
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  • 128 – Trade timeout error.
  • 129 – Invalid price error.
  • 130 – Invalid stops error.
  • 131 – Invalid trade volume error.
  • 133 – Trade is disabled error.
  • 134 – Not enough money error.
  • 146 – Trade context is busy error.
  • 148 – Too many orders error.

CE Errors

The most common error codes related to closing an order are:

  • 128 – Trade timeout
  • 146 – Trade context is busy

ME Errors

The most common error codes related to modifying an order are:

  • 128 – Trade timeout
  • 130 – Invalid stops
  • 145 – Trade modify denied
  • 146 – Trade context is busy

How to Fix Expert Advisor Error on MetaTrader5 Software?

1. Did you enable the trading on your MetaTrader5 platform?

The first step you need to follow is to check if you have enabled the trading on your MT5 platform. The icon should show "green," not "red." This shows Expert Advisors as disabled. Also, turn-on the auto-trading option to check if the expert advisor is working or not.