Sep 30 2021, 18:18
El indicador USDX calcula el índice del dólar (USDX o DXY) utilizando los pares de divisas EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF y USD / SEK.
Sep 24 2021, 14:21
TradeBreakOut (indicador de MetaTrader) indica la distancia entre el precio actual (cierre o máximo / mínimo) y la ruptura de los niveles de soporte o resistencia establecidos recientemente, que se detectan utilizando mínimos y máximos locales.
Sep 10 2021, 12:45
El indicador ZigZagOnParabolic está basado en dos indicadores estándar de MT4/MT5 - ZigZag y SAR Parabólico.
EA de Patrones MACD 
EA de Patrones MACD 
Sep 10 2021, 12:23
El asesor experto MACD Pattern es un asesor experto especial diseñado para operar con seis patrones MACD diferentes. Es un EA muy complejo y emplea docenas de diversos parámetros de entrada.
Indicador (ADX)
Indicador (ADX)
Sep 07 2021, 11:07
El Índice Direccional Promedio (ADX) representa la presencia o ausencia de una tendencia. El ADX aconseja sobre las fuerzas dominantes que mueven los precios.
Estrategia de Forex con Divergencia Oculta
Estrategia de Forex con Divergencia Oculta
Sep 07 2021, 10:42
Descargue la estrategia de Forex de Divergencia Oculta en la galería de indicadores de AtoZ Markets. Utiliza RVI para determinar las señales.
Indicador de Auto Fibonacci
Indicador de Auto Fibonacci
Ago 31 2021, 15:12
El indicador Auto Fibonacci para Meta Trader 4 es un indicador de tendencia adecuado para todos los pares de divisas y cualquier período de tiempo.
Asesor Experto Place Trade
Asesor Experto Place Trade
Ago 31 2021, 14:08
El asesor experto Place Trade está diseñado para hacer cumplir y mejorar la disciplina del trader y, por lo tanto, aumentar la rentabilidad a largo plazo.
Indicador Automático De Oferta Y Demanda MT4
Indicador Automático De Oferta Y Demanda MT4
Ago 31 2021, 13:27
El indicador automático de oferta y demanda de MT4 es un indicador de Forex gratuito que traza zonas de oferta y demanda automatizadas en su gráfico.
Indicador De Cambio Xmaster Formula MT4
Indicador De Cambio Xmaster Formula MT4
Ago 31 2021, 12:49
El indicador Xmaster Formula MT4 es un indicador de forex de señales de compra y venta personalizado, que funciona para la mayoría de los pares.

What are the MetaTrader indicators?

MT4 and MT5 indicators are technical analysis tools created for forex traders. In simple language, custom forex indicators are mathematical formulas that allow traders to identify what the market trends are and to use these concepts to carry out their operations.

The AtoZMarkets indicator gallery includes a large number of very effective and easy-to-use custom indicates.

We have received most of these tools from their own creators, and for us it is wonderful to be able to share them with all the operators in the market. If you have your own indicator creation, and would like to submit it, please contact us and we will be happy to publish it.

In addition to this, when you download the MT4 or MT5 trading platform you also get some of the most popular trading indicators for free.
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Vantage FX
Vantage FX Review
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What are MT4 plugins or add-ons?

MT4 plugins or add-ons are visual tools that allow traders to customize their MT4 platform. By doing so, traders are able to tailor their trading platform to suit their trading needs.

However, no plugin will give you a guaranteed winning result, and you need to use these tools according to your specific trading purpose.

Traders often combine more than one custom forex plugin and / or indicator to create their own trading strategy.

What is Autochartist?

Autochartist is a program that can identify patterns on the charts using technical indicators from the Metatrader platform. This function monitors the markets 24 hours a day, and notifies you about trading opportunities in real time.

Its software is designed to identify trading opportunities based on support and resistance levels.

Some of the companies listed in our Forex Broker Directory offer Autochartists for free. To install it, you need to open your MT4 and go to the "browser" window and click on "scripts", where you can see the Autochartist text there.

There are several Autochartist features that are very useful for investors. These include algorithms that automatically analyze markets, a customizable search panel, and a built-in price movement analyzer.

What are Expert Advisors or (EAs)?

Although custom indicators can be used to trade manually, some investors want to use automated trading strategies. The so-called EAs or Expert Advisors are automated trading tools. They are MT4 or MT5 programs that trade on behalf of traders according to their predetermined strategies.

You will find a number of Expert Advisors (EAs) in the AtoZMarkets directory of trading tools. Download these files and paste them into the default MT4 folder for it. If you want to install them on your MT4 you can find them in the "browser" tab at the top left of your MT4. We do not recommend using EAs on real accounts if you are not a professional or advanced trader.

We generally recommend traders to test their EAs on demo accounts first, and once their development is fully controlled, not think about being used on a real account. To activate or test any EA on MT4 you must always make sure that the "auto trading" function in the upper toolbar is activated, and a confirmation of this is that it has a green color.

Once you make sure that the auto trade button is activated, you can drag one of the EAs from your browser windows onto your MT4 price chart. You will see the name of the EA appear on your chart, and if all is well, there will be a smiley face next to the EA name in the upper right corner of your platform.

What are the most common MT4 indicators?

Most traders will always use indicators such as moving averages or averages, the RSI indicator, the MACD, and the Stochastic as a fundamental part of their trading strategy. Also, many of the leading MT4 custom indicators are based on moving averages or RSI.

There are also other indicators considered the best for investors, and among them we find the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator, the Bollinger Bands and the ADX.

How can I create my own custom indicator?

You don't have to rely solely on other people's trading strategies or tools to do this.

Creating a custom MT4 / MT5 indicator is similar to creating an Expert Advisor. The procedure to follow is as follows:

Press F4 on the keyboard inside the MT4 platform
This will give the option to open the MetaEditor screen
Then on the MetaEditor screen click where it says "New"
This will open the MQL Wizard
Use the MQL4 wizard to create / write your custom indicator

How can I install my custom MT4 indicators?

Step 1: Download the indicator file to your computer

Step 2: Open the MT4 trading platform

Step 3: Click "Open Data Folder"

Step 4: Open the "MQL4" folder

Step 5: Open the "Indicators" folder

Step 6: Paste the custom MT4 indicator in the "Indicators" folder

Step 7: Restart your trading platform and you are good to go