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Dr Nektarios Michail

The Crossing EMA Strategy – Intraday Timeframes


Join Nektarios as he explains this straightforward moving average based strategy that can be applied to trending charts in multiple timeframes. In this informative session, he will be explaining how to use this strategy when trading intraday, how to set your stop losses and more:

• The EMA’s simple trend following approach

• Using key oscillators and momentum indicators for target and stop loss settings

• Candle size, wicks and probability

About Dr Nektarios Michail

With more than 4 years of experience at the Central Bank of Cyprus where he obtained hands-on experience with real-life economics, Dr Nektarios Michail is a supporter of a balanced approach between science and art when it comes to trading opportunities across various asset types. 

Nektarios holds a BSc and an MSc from University of Cyprus, and a PhD in Financial Economics from Cyprus University of Technology. His research, covering topics such as the relationship of stock market returns to macroeconomic developments, the effects of the trade balance on exchange rates, as well as various topics on economic policy, has been published in several academic journals.

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11:00 (GMT)
Dr Nektarios Michail

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