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Following the latest Samsung S10 Crypto Wallet smartphone introduction, Apple announces developers tool CryptoKit.
Microsoft Excel adds Bitcoin symbol
Microsoft Excel adds Bitcoin symbol
May 28, 2019
Samson Ononeme
Microsoft Excel adds Bitcoin symbol as a currency option to its Excel spreadsheet program in its latest update. This rumors started on Reddit. 
Samsung considers using cryptocurrency payment. However, the latest report made no mention of what cryptocurrencies Samsung Pay could support.
Samsung Electronics announced its plans to expand the application of blockchain and cryptocurrency functions to the budget Galaxy phones.
There are already 5 different blockchain phones on the market for sale. Yet, what is a blockchain phone? Read our guide and see if they are fit for you.
South Korean electronics giant Samsung has recently filed for a cryptocurrency wallet at the U.K. Intellectual Property Office.
The Korean-based transnational tech conglomerate Samsung has confirmed recently, that rumors of the Galaxy S10 including a cryptocurrency cold wallet are merely speculation. The rumor was spread on the company's community website
Ripple's coin has recovered from Friday's low at $0.4490 but the upside momentum is weak. What is more? Gain insight into the following 23 July XRPUSD Price Technical Forecast.
South Korean Financial Supervisory Service has ordered Samsung Securities operations suspension for a period of six months. The financial supervisor has also urged the organization and other brokerages to solidify their internal controls.
According to the latest news coming from the South Korean tech giant, Samsung Produces Cryptocurrency mining chips. When will they be out in the market?
Samsung develops Blockchain-based tracking system, expecting that the move could reduce shipping costs by as much as 20%. In addition, the new system will allow it to react more quickly to the market movements.
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7: total fail?
Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7: total fail?
May 03, 2018
Guzal Norkulova
As Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 devices, the situation is not good at all for the company whose main competitor is releasing the latest iPhone next week. What should consumers expect?
Why are Apple profits pushed down?
Why are Apple profits pushed down?
May 03, 2018
CFI Markets
The fourth fiscal quarter showed a drop in Apple's profits. Why are Apple profits pushed down? Is it due to the competitors or the decline in the industry?
Samsung Group chief Lee arrested on Friday over his purported role in a corruption scandal rocking the highest levels of power in South Korea.