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What is the Difference between Blockchain and Database?

Amandeep Sonewane | Mar. 18, 2019
Juventus to Issue Its Own Crypto Token
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 24, 2018
One of the most popular football clubs in the world, Juventus, has announced that is considering the issuance of its own crypto token.
Russia Reports Successful ICO Test
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 12, 2018
Russia reports successful ICO test, according to the local media outlets. The news sources cite Ivan Semagin, who is a deputy director of the Financial Market Development Department for the Bank of Russia.
SCA Ready to Introduce UAE ICO Regulations
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 11, 2018
The regulatory body of the United Arab Emirates' financial markets, SCA, has reportedly entered the final stages of its plan to introduce UAE ICO regulations. What will these regulations bring to ICO operators in the UAE?
EU Lawmaker Discusses ICO Regulation Benefits
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 10, 2018
EU lawmaker Ashley Fox discusses ICO regulation benefits. He believes that the rules are aiming to "bring transparency to ICOs, allowing intermediaries to perform the required due diligence."
Brian Kelly Says ICOs are Here to Stay
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 6, 2018
Brian Kelly says ICOs are here to stay, but with a change. BKCM LLC’s CEO has stated that he believes cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are “early-stage technology.”
EU Parliament Aims to Standardize ICO Rules
Kristina Frunze | Sep. 5, 2018
EU Parliament aims to standardize ICO rules. In case the regulations are adopted within the EU bloc, it could form a standard for token sales. This would allow projects to raise funds and conduct business in any of the EU member states.
EU Officials Propose ICO Regulation Draft
Kristina Frunze | Aug. 14, 2018
EU officials propose ICO regulation draft, which outlines rules for European crowdfunding platform operators and companies. The new rules would oblige platforms to form a cap for crowdfunding and follow particular securities laws, as per the document.
Grapevine World partners with Telekom Deutschland to power the data management in line with the highest requirements for data protection and data security as well as the specifications of the GDPR.
California Judge rejects Tezos Foundation motion to dismiss an action class lawsuit, which now comprises four initial lawsuits against the company, its founders and the Dynamic Ledger Solutions.
Philippines SEC seeks feedback concerning ICO regulations that have been proposed by the officials this Thursday. The new guidelines will assume that tokens issued in all ICOs are securities by default.
Grapevine World works on the development of Blockchain Health Data platform using Microsoft Azure as a part of its collaboration project with the University of Southampton and Tiani Spirit. What will this idea bring to the world?
Grapevine World launches a pilot medical data project with Austrian Health. The project is called "Medakte" and aims to facilitate fast communication between patients, clinics, and medical practitioners.