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Latest Brexit News

British financial market regulator proposed limiting the use of UK investment platform exit fees.
More volatility is expected on GBP pairs head of Wednesday and Thursday 'no-deal' brexit vote. The MPs will also vote on a possible Brexit deal extension.
About a third of UK businesses are considering relocation due to Brexit. In this article, we will lookout how hard Brexit impacts payment service providers
The British pound is trading back under the 1.3100 level against the US dollar after British PM Theresa May’s Brexit vote in UK Parliament was voted down.
The British pound has opened the new trading week under further downside against the US dollar, as fear of a hard-Brexit scenario increase.
The US Dollar ended this week as the strongest currency, mainly due to weakness elsewhere. Worries of a global slowdown, Brexit uncertainties or even recession, sent Euro and British pound sharply lower.
Against the background of the news about continuing Brexit debates, the UK High Court enabled the Swiss banking giant UBS to take out up to 32 billion euros (36.44 billion dollars) from the UK. UBS is not the first bank to request permission to transfer assets from the UK because of Brexit.
The British pound is coming under increasing selling pressure against the US dollar after data on Tuesday showed that the United Kingdom economy is slowing due to Brexit.
As the business and markets news platform report the European Union and The Bank of England (Boe)- the central bank of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are set to cooperate on oversight of clearinghouses to avoid disruption in the cross-border derivatives market in case of no-deal Brexit.
GBPUSD had two way moves on Tuesday ahead of the Brexit house of common votes. The votes were overwhelmingly against the Brexit deal. The following looks at what could happen next from technical perspective.
Death of UK Brexit Deal Gives Brussels Three Options
Maya Mandzikasvili | Jan. 16, 2019
The British government’s plan of leaving EU was denied in Parliament - 73 days before the date when Britain should officially withdraw the European Union. How Brussels reacted to such circumstances and what strategy the UK Prime Minister Teresa May has to choose to avoid one more fiasco?
A regulatory filing with the UK’s Companies House revealed that London-based brokerage firm, Abshire-Smith is closing down its operations in the United Kingdom for two major reasons.