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What is the Difference between Blockchain and Database?

Amandeep Sonewane | Mar. 18, 2019
For many of those who wish to know the difference between Blockchain and database, it is best to start by a basic explanation that they are different in de
VISA crypto plans may take off soon
Redwan Eid | Mar. 18, 2019
Visa Inc. has just announced a new position pertinent to cryptocurrency. Can the market expect VISA Crypto plans to go live?
Top 5 Crypto movies you should watch
Maya Mandz | Mar. 18, 2019
Top 5 crypto movies that provide authentic information about crypto, how it can affect the modern world and contribute to the market.
Australia announced a national blockchain strategy, receiving additional funding from the federal government and revealed the Australian Blockchain roadmap
Ethereum co-founder is optimistic for the growth of Ethereum 1000X in the next 2 years and he expects Blockchain will dominate world economy in next 10 ye
CFTC Chair made bullish crypto remarks on blockchain mentioning them as the phenomenon for the transformation of financial markets.
Emaar’s blockchain real estate projects engage blockchain industry veteran Lykke to offer customers and partners the Emaar’s tokenized real estate business
Bahrain crypto regulation trial goes live
Maya Mandzikasvili | Feb. 21, 2019
Bahrain is trying to regain its position in the financial industry. To achieve this goal, the country which once was the center of the Middle East for financial industries, chose to embark on the crypto market.
The German government revealed their plans to start consulting corporations and industry groups that may be interested in developing blockchain projects. Seems that country with one of the biggest economies steps into a growing competition among European nations, Asia, and the United States to become a leader in the blockchain marketplace.
On Friday, the cryptocurrency universe received positive news. Before the US market opened, reports said that JP Morgan was preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency.
According to a recent press release from the global computer technology giant Oracle, the company has decided to expand the capabilities of its corporate Oracle Blockchain Platform.
IBM a multinational technology company headquartered in New York, United States, with operations in over 170 countries made its blockchain platform available out of the data center located in Melbourne, Australia. According to the representatives of the corporation, this will allow their customers to run their applications in the company's cloud.