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Cryptopia's third-party vendor Arizona demands from New Zealand exchange $2 million for the accounting data they have.
Arizona House Committee approves Bill to pay taxes with crypto, and now the law will proceed to the House floor for the final vote. SB 1091 also mentioned that the state government should convert cryptocurrency payments to US dollars “at the prevailing rate” after receipt.
Arizona State Senate passes a bill that allows to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies. The Bill has been passed by the Senate Finance Committee by a 4-3 vote on January 24. In case the bill will get a confirmation, Arizona will become the first state in the US to accept cryptocurrency tax payments by 2020.
According to the legislative records from March 7, the authorities in Arizona have made another step towards developing the state’s innovation level. As Arizona House Committee passes the bill to pay taxes in crypto, it still needs to get approved by the higher authorities.