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If you are a swing trader you are likely to hold your position for:

Traders should not

Which Fibonacci Level is known as the main correction level?

A traditional Death Cross is

What are the three main Forex market openings?

A wedge is

If you are a price action trader you are likely not to use one of the following:

If you want to follow a trader which one of the below given traders should you be following

You are a manual trader and know that the FOMC press conference is coming in 5 minutes. You have a confirmed bearish trend, while you have an open sell order with 39 pips profit. Which of the following actions would involve the lowest risk possible?

A moving average can be used for the following reasons:

You are a trader living in Europe and you are considering to choose a new FX Broker. Which one of the following should you choose?

In which condition your broker has the right not to pay your profit?

You should only risk the money that

Traders should always have a backup plan. Which of the following could become a good Plan B?

If you are an intraday trader you must

The _____ time frame you trade, the ____ time you need behind your trading terminal

Trading plan is used to:

If you are a pivot point trader what do you need to wait for in order to calculate the PP?

When you have a long Bearish candle

Candlestick Formations occur