Cryptocurrency Certification

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What is an ERC20 token?
What is a node?
1 out of 8
If you sent crypto to a wrong address how many minutes do you have to get it back?
What is a blockchain?
2 out of 8
What is the term used for a blockchain protocol splitting?
What is a cold storage?
3 out of 8
What is a private key?
If you have 1 Ether in your crypto wallet can you send 1 Ether to another person?
4 out of 8
What kind of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin?
Which one of these is NOT a proof of Stake token?
5 out of 8
What is the function of Hash?
Which one of the following is not one of the three pillars of the Bitcoin blockchain technology?
6 out of 8
What is the maximum number of Bitcoins to ever exist?
Which one of these exchanges had the biggest Bitcoin hack ever?
7 out of 8
Why is Bitcoin halving important?
8 out of 8