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S&P 500 Bears May Dominate the Market Further
S&P 500 Bears May Dominate the Market Further
Apr 02, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
S&P 500 fell yesterday as the Coronavirus epidemic is continuously destroying the U.S. economy. can S&P 500 Bears May Dominate the Market Further?
AUDUSD has been quite non-volatile and impulsive with the recent Bearish trend. Can AUDUSD Bulls Remain Active Above 0.6030 area?
fter a massive fall from $10500 area, the price able to retrace 50% and currently residing around $6600. Bitcoin climbs higher -Can break above $7000 area?
Gold Futures was down by 0.13% to $1595 but managed to recover from that fall. Can Gold make it higher towards $1700 price area?
WTI is at it's lowest level since 2002, due to reduced demand and price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Will WTI recover higher in the process?
EURUSD pushed lower after the U.S. Dollar Index rose above 99.00 area. EURUSD Bears Active Below 1.10 -Will Continue to Push Lower?
Gold Shows Hope for Bulls Residing Above $1600?
Gold Shows Hope for Bulls Residing Above $1600?
Mar 31, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Gold price fell during the Asian session as stock markets gained momentum.Gold shows hope for Bulls residing above $1600?
After a massive fall from $10500 area, BTC Bulls failed to regain the momentum. Will Bitcoin Sustain Bullish Trend Above $6500 area?
WTI started the week with a Bearish gap. Currently, the price is quite corrective as it bounced higher from $20 key support level as Oil Push Below
During the current Coronavirus crisis, EURUSD has seen significantly volatile recently. EURUSD found resistance at 1.1050, while raising certain questions. 
Though S&P 500 recovered almost 38% of total drawdown, till the day. S&p 500 Bulls sustain above $2500 -will continue further?
Bitcoin price has been quite volatile over the week. However, will BTCUSD climb higher above $6,500 this time? Find out in today's Bitcoin price analysis.
USDCAD Bulls gained momentum but failed to sustain further after the U.S. Dollar Index fell to 100.00. USDCAD Bearish pressure may continue further
XAU is currently trading around $1605 area and Gold price can continue higher above $1600. Despite the strong Bullish Bias, Gold may retrace lower.
WTI Crude Oil price is struggling to Break Above $25 Triangle Resistance level. WTI has been quite volatile and corrective while residing below $25.
USDCNH Bullish rally may continue higher above 7.0580 area. After bouncing higher from 6.9020, Bulls pushed the price higher impulsively.
Will Ethereum Break Higher and Reach $150 Mark?
Will Ethereum Break Higher and Reach $150 Mark?
Mar 25, 2020
MD Rockybul Hasan
Ethereum may break higher and reach $150 in the process. The price is quite volatile and corrective but still maintained momentum above $120 area.
COVID-19 economic impact has started to rise globally. Reduction in social interaction & increase in quarantine are indicating a global economic recession.
Gold continues the Bullish run and may create another record high. After XAU bounced from $1480 area, the Bulls became very impulsive and non-volatile
Oil remains below $25 area and the Bulls may push higher today. Oil is currently struggling to sustain the Bullish momentum after the price bounced from $20