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Putin and Lambo coins prices were manipulated by the YoBit exchange in the last 10 days. Is YoBit "Pump and Dump" an exchange?
Ethereum price is facing the hurdle to cross the $210 resistance since the past few days. The pair is likely to approach a short term break either above $210 or below $204 level.
Bibox Review - Is Bibox Scam or Reliable?
Amandeep Sonewane | Jan. 22, 2019
In this Bibox exchange review, we analyse one of the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges. Here, we will try to find out "Is Bibox scam or reliable? Can I trust Bibox?
Will Market Volatility Continue This Week? | Oct. 23, 2018
Will market volatility continue this week? See the market commentary by David Jones, Chief Market Strategist of
Browser mining holds some interesting aspects. This article tries to give a brief overview where it's coming from and how it can be useful.
The media has recently reported that a Bitcoin trader moved yesterday 29,999 BTC transaction -$194 million worth- for a $0.1 fee, where such a transaction would have cost tens of thousands of dollars as a transfer fee.
According to Bloomberg Oct. 15, Gary Gensler- Former chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said that most tokens sold through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) should be regarded as securities.
How often do we end up judging the person on the other side with really knowing what has happened in a certain case? How often do we see decision makers fighting each other, instead of uniting? Lastly, how often do we see people opposing Bitcoin Cash, because of the believe that Roger Ver is calling it the next or real Bitcoin?
Alphabet Inc’s Google has announced in a statement that it would not attend the Future Investment Initiative Summit, which is supposed be held in Riyadh next 23rd of October, according to Reuters.
Yesterday, Ripple price surged towards the $0.52 level and later reversed gains. Now, the price of Ripple is still placed above the key support zone with a bullish sign. Here is Ripple Forecast for the short-term trading.
Market commentary by David Jones, Chief Market Strategist of
Is Brexit Deal Within Reach?
Swissquote | Oct. 11, 2018
Is Brexit deal within reach? A recent statement from EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier says an agreement could be reached by next Wednesday. What can you expect? How could the British Pound be impacted?