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Will Bitcoin price reach $31000 by 2021?

Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 12, 2019
Crypto Investor Barry Silbert Says ICO Market Is Dead
Maya Mandzikasvili | Nov. 29, 2018
Barry Silbert the founder of the crypto investment fund Digital Currency Group, has recently shared his thoughts with the media about crypto and ICO future.
Sweden on its Way to Become First Cashless Country
Maya Mandzikasvili | Nov. 28, 2018
The news of Sweden being on its way to become the first cashless society is not a surprise anymore. It is a well-known fact, although, only a few countries could boast about similar progress in the system of payments. According to local retailers, they will stop accepting cash by 2025. At the same time, the government is in the process of estimating the societal of that kind of future.
According to the last Bitcoin price update, over the past 24 hours, it dropped from $4,065 to $3,600. However, Timothy Draper insists, that eventually crypto will displace fiat money and make up two-thirds of the world’s total currency value.
The emperors' fiat money could be replaced by cryptocurrency. The speed at which Bitcoin was adopted around the world is quite a testament to this and shows that there is a market for non-governmental-issued currencies. Are the days of fiat numbered? Legendary speculator, Lobo Tiggre has shared his insights on the war against fiat currency.
Despite Bitcoin price crash this year, Wallstreet Cryto bull, Tom Lee insists on a bullish year. He cuts his 2018 target from $25000 to $15000.
This article is not supposed to be financial advisement but more a collection of personal views. However, you might find it quite useful, as it gives some refreshing insights.
According to Forbes, Binance CEO was reported to expect the next Bitcoin 'bull run' to start 'sooner than later'. However, the crypto exchange firm boss has said that his comment was misconceived.
In the D.C. Fintech Week Conference at Georgetown University held last week, J. Christopher Giancarlo, the chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) gave a speech on the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its role in automating the regulations for derivative markets.
People's Bank of China has issued a warning about the bubble risk posed by financing and investments on cryptocurrencies, as Bitcoin, and Initial Coin Offerings in particular.
Google Responds to Sexual Misconduct Demands
Maya Mandzikasvili | Nov. 9, 2018
Google has recently responded to its employees protest against sexual harassment misconduct cases in the company. What were the main demands of the protesters?
The authorities have not known the reasons behind the shooting yet, and the victims are mostly college students as witnesses narrate.
Colorado to be a crypto-friendly state, and his win consolidates the concept of equity and qualifications-based merit!