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The fundamental outlook of MT4 & MT5 is almost the same, but the MT5 has some amazing features that a trader should know.
Gold is up today as investors are worried about the economic damage by Coronavirus pandemic. Gold safe-haven rally may push towards $1900 per ounce?
Oil managed to regain momentum during the Asian session despite oversupply. Oil breaks below critical support at $20 per barrel, can bulls regain momentum?
Silver bulls have been quite impulsive, which achieved more than 400 pips recently. Silver bulls reached at $15.80 area, will sustain further?
USDCNH successfully retrace 50 per cent and bounce higher from 7.0420 area. USDCNH found support at 7.0420 area, will strike higher?
Most of the retail forex trading strategy works well when the market moves within a trend, where we can identify trend using moving average.
BTC/USD price has been struggling after the price broke below $7000 area last week. Bitcoin bulls hold the price above $6500, can BTC recover further?
USDJPY bears regained momentum and pushed the price below 107.80 area. Will USDJPY current bearish trend reach at 105.00?
Gold price has been quite non-volatile at the beginning of this week. Gold price broke above $1700 key level, can XAU climb further?
WTI dropped as OPEC+ output cut had no significant impact on the Oil industry. Oil price consolidating above $22 area - can WTI recover higher?
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Bitcoin bullish gap is successfully filled up during the Asian session. Bitcoin price dives below $7000 - is it the end of the bullish trend?
XAU/USD price rose today during the Asian session, after price bounced from $1670 area. Can Gold Bulls Climb Higher Towards $1700 This Time? 
Oil price has been residing between the range of $27.50 - $20 since March 17. Oil price is still indecisive below $27.50 - can break higher?
GBPUSD strike higher after the price found support at the dynamic levels. Will GBPUSD bullish trend continue to gain traction towards 1.2800 area?
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Gold climbed higher after breaking the correction phase during the New York session yesterday. Gold bulls continue to recover higher - can reach $1700?
Oil has been indecisive from the past several weeks because of the ongoing price war. Oil price declined sharply as OPEC agree to cut output - What is next?
Gold price strike higher during the London session after an extended period of volatility. Gold Found Support at $1640 - Can Climb Higher?
Bitcoin has been quite volatile and corrective but managed to sustain above $7000 area. Bitcoin bulls are active above $7000, can it reach $8500?