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Oil price fell on Monday during the Asian session with the concern of worldwide storage shortage. Oil price fall below $16, can WTI recover higher?
Bitcoin price rose more than 5 per cent and broke the key resistance $7500. Bitcoin price surged to $7700 area, will sustain towards $8500?
Oil price rose today during the Asian session with hopes of a further production cut. Oil managed to climb above $16, can WTI recover again?
GBPUSD successfully retraced more than 50 per cent of the recent bearish trend. GBPUSD broke below 1.2420, Can Bears sustain the bearish pressure?
Ethereum price rose almost 8% and it climbed above $180 against the US Dollar. Can Ethereum hold its bullish momentum and reach to $240 area?
Bitcoin has became quite volatile and currently residing insides the ranges of $7000 to $6500 area. Can Bitcoin break above the psychological level $7000? 
Oil price drop below zero for the first time since futures trading started in 1982. The oil price crash might be good for retailers but bad for producers.
Gold price rose today during the Asian session as stocks took hit from the Oil price drop. Gold sustains above $1670 as investors are optimistic
GBPUSD bearish pressure has been quite impulsive and reached at 1.2250 area. Can GBPUSD price break below $1.2250 area again?
Bitcoin price failed to sustain above $7000 area and pushed down. Bitcoin is consolidating below $7000 area currently, can establish a definite trend?
Gold took deeper retracement towards $1670 area and bounced higher as expected earlier. Gold continues the climb towards $1800 after certain retracement. 
Oil price negative for the first time since futures trading started in 1982. Oil price historical drop at minus $37.63 level, what next?
EURUSD has been quite volatile and corrective from the past few weeks. EURUSD price is currently quite indecisive below 1.0890 area, what is next?
Gold price fell on Monday morning but bulls are still optimistic. Gold price sustain above $1670 event level, can continue the bullish trend?
Oil nose dive shocked the investors as it hit the record low during the Asian session today. Oil hits record low at $16.50, will continue lower?
EURUSD has been quite non-volatile with the recent bearish momentum. EURUSD broke below 1.0880 as US stock market regained momentum.
Gold price pushed below $1700 area today during the Asian session. Gold price drop as President Donald Trump plans to reopen the country.
The best stocks to invest after COVIT-19 includes cruise company stocks that have much potential compared to the other sectors.
Oil has been quite indecisive and may require further cut to stabilize the market. Oil to decline further as OPEC hinted further output cut?
Bitcoin bulls climb higher after the price found support at $6500 area. Bitcoin surged above $7000 again, is it start of the long bull run?