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Oil Bulls Reacted to Bullish Divergence near $20 and the price may climb higher. Oil has successfully able to hold the price above $20 key level.
 AUDUSD pair has regained bullish momentum after bouncing from 0.55. Despite the recent Bearish pressure, the Bulls are currently trying to climb higher.
S&P 500 Bulls sustained above $2350 and may recover higher. The price dropped quite impulsively in just three weeks and now residing near Dec 2018's low.
Bitcoin is stable above $5000 area, and the Bulls may sustain higher. BTC is now quite corrective and volatile while residing below $5500 area.
Oil price Dropped below $23 area may going to decline further. Oil failed to hold the price above $27.50 area and continuously making new record lows.
EURUSD Impulsive Bearish Pressure is currently Breaking below 1.0920 support area again. USD regains impulsive momentum while EURO struggles.
Bitcoin price failed to climb above $6000 area. BTC became quite volatile and indecisive after the price bounced from $4000 key support area.
Is there any possibility that the Bitcoin bubble may burst due to coronavirus pandemic fear? Let's have a look whether bitcoin a bubble or not.
Gold price bounced back from $1450 area and may continue the Bullish trend Further. Gold has tested the dynamic level of 200 EMA two time and bounced higher
Oil price broke below $27.50 key support area, but the Bulls are still on the market. Oil reached at $26.10 area with a very corrective and volatile manner.
GBPUSD continues to decline and may reach at 1.1960 area soon. GBPUSD is quite impulsive and non-volatile with the current Bearish trend.
Bitcoin Bulls are still optimistic as the price remains above $5000 area. BTC bounced from $3800 and recover higher with a daily close above $5000 area.
Gold were held by the 200 EMA dynamic support near $1500 area. Gold bounced from $1450 key support area but Bears are still on the markets.
Oil Struggling below $30 and Bears may continue to push lower. XTI has become very corrective and volatile while residing below $30.20 area.
Ripple nosedived below $0.1700 may bring more down pressure. XRP is currently pushing lower may continue further in the coming days.
Bitcoin Breaks below the support at $5000 and it's time to worry. BTC is currently pushing lower, may lose further value in the coming days.
Gold jumped higher from $1500 area, the Bulls may take over the market again. XAU Bullish trend retraced deeper towards the Fibo 78.6 level.
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Oil sustains above $27.50 area may recover higher soon. After a weekly close near $32.50 area, Oil maintains the price above $27.50 on Monday.
As the global equity markets crash the world is increasingly being brought to its knees. Companies who were just about getting by now faces imminent disaster as consumer behaviour changes quickly.