One Percent Club NFT Drop

14 Aug 2022 - 14 Aug 2022

The One Percent Club is an NFT artwork collection that features some of the world's most prosperous individuals. An estimated 60% of global household wealth belongs to 1% of the world's population.

As part of our balanced distribution, we want to provide our holders with additional value. You'll have access to several coin airdrops and other future projects in addition to your NFTs once you purchase them. Join the 1% to build wealth with us and profit from financial growth generated by our community. The other 99% are still merely dreaming, however. Will you remain a part of the majority or join the 1%?

Make up for your carbon footprint by donating part of the profit to an environmental organization.


1. When is the first drop? 

The first drop will be announced on discord.

2. How many One Percent Club NFT's can I mint?

You can mint up to 10 NFTs per wallet.

3. How much does each NFT cost?

Whitelist: 260 USD | Public sale: 400 USD

4. What is the utility of one percent club?

When you buy a One Percent Club NFT, you’re becoming a shareholder. You’re gaining membership access to a family that will increase over time in not only members but also benefits! You’ll be able to join a private discord channel, designed to propose your ideas and make decisions alongside our team about the development of future OPCN projects.

As long as you hold our NFT you gain financial benefits of our:

– Access to the shareholder pool (10% of all time gains)

– 20% of all time Metaverse Casino profits

– 50% Royalty fee distributed amongst shareholders (ETH) -> 25% go to the Binary Bill Holders, 25% to the rest of the shareholders (basic holders).

5. How do we build the metaverse casino?

The One Percent Club will be extended to the metaverse, where the heads of the family will buy virtual real estate once the project is sold out.

The goal is to open a renowned virtual casino chain in different metaverses as well as an exclusive lounge club chain including NSFW Area Vegas Style. Free entry will be for listed guests and family members (NFT Holders) only. Our vision is to make casinos run on OPCN-Tokens. OPCN-holders will profit from the casino and club earnings. Further information will be announced in discord.