NF360 NFT Mint

20 Aug 2022 - 20 Aug 2022

NF360 was created to make art more popular and to make it accessible to the world. We can post artwork anywhere at any time of the day, and the artist does not have to sell his work or display it in galleries. Someone is going to be wearing our t-shirt in public at any time of the day.

What makes QR codes so special? By linking the T-shirt to the digital artwork using the QR code, the owner of the NFT is verified. Anyone can verify that he or she is the owner of the NFT by looking at the QR code.

The artwork will not just be created as an NFT, but will be printed on a t-shirt designed by us. Using a QR code (in a matching design) on the back of the t-shirt and appropriate software, the artwork will be linked to the t-shirt as an NFT.

By scanning a QR code on our website, the owner can connect his social media profiles and boost his public profile every time he scans the code. Every individual can then look up on our website, whether an NFT owner in a certain country and city owns a t-shirt displaying the artwork. In other words, the artwork becomes popular and increases in value when it is displayed in public, and the shirt's price increases as a result.