Crypto Chavez Drop

28 Aug 2022 - 28 Aug 2022

A special variety of Solana 2222 Crypto Chavez is prepared to amaze the metaverse with their diversity. Crypto Chavez will be going to donate 20% of the income for helping children around the world.

Project For Investor's profit:

Each NFT class will have different prices according to the features it has

NFT level 1 (floor price): 3-5 SOL

NFT level 2 (floor price): 5-10 SOL

NFT level 3 (floor price): 10 or more SOL

Project Roadmap:

06/10: Entrance to Solana’s network

06/13: 1st giveaway

06/24: Token announcement

06/31: Start of the treasure hunt

07/01: A new president is revealed

07/11: 2nd giveaway

07/25: Listing our collection in the Magic Eden Market Place

08/01: 3rd and last giveaway

08/28: Mint

Get a free amount of our tokens by holding a Crypto Chavez, and if you are holding 2 or more, you will also get a free NFT of our next collection.

The funds will be reinvested in the Crypto Politicians ecosystem to deliver additional value to our users.