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Yahoo's GulliverFX ceases operations

Yahoo's GulliverFX ceases operations

GulliverFX, the UK Forex subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation has released a statement regarding apparent seizure in its business activities. The firm announced it has stopped accepting new clients accounts application from April 1st, as it has suspended its MT4 service. The FCA regulated GulliverFX has asked its clients to close their open positions and withdraw their funds.

As stated in the report by Gulliverfx, here are the details of the schedule:

  • We will stop accepting new account applications from 1st April 2015.
  • Clients cannot open new position after 08:50PM(GMT) 17th April 2015.
  • Clients cannot access MyPage from 08:50PM(GMT) 08th May 2015 to 11:00AM 11th May 2015.
  • Clients cannot access MT4 platform from 08:50PM(GMT) 08th May 2015 to 11:00AM 11th May 2015.
  • Clients are required to close all their positions and withdraw all funds by 08:50PM(GMT) 08th May 2015.

This notice was given in accordance with its customer’s agreement to all existing clients as Yahoo’s FX arm ceases operations.

Additionally, the firm made it clear that customers are assured that their funds are not affected by the service suspension and that they are entitled to withdraw any outstanding balances.

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