World's First Educational Credentials Storage Via Blockchain Technology

Georgia will be the first country to use third-generation Cardano-backed blockchain technology for storage, tracking, and verification of educational credentials. Students in Georgia will have a secure network to preserve, access and share their academic qualifications as they see fit.

16 March, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Whether it's fashion, education, food and health, medicine, or even government elections, Blockchain has proven to be useful across various sectors. According to a recent report, Georgia will be the first country in the world to store educational credentials via Blockchain. Georgia will store, track and verify educational credentials by leveraging blockchain technology in public services. Georgia will use Cardano (ADA) Blockchain to track this information. The region is also the first to improve its public service offering utilizing this technology.

Blockchain-Based Educational Record System

Research and development company IOHK is helping Georgia set up a new Blockchain Educational Credentials system. IOHK was founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, who also built Cardano.

The project is expected to end in June this year, although it has been underway since June of last year. At the time, the Georgian Ministry of Education, IOHK and the Business and Technology University of Tbilisi signed a memorandum of understanding to make the project a reality.

An IOHK representative in Georgia, George Shekriladze, said that this credential verification service would bring legitimacy to the education and human resources industry. He also stated:
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"Today, we use centralized data systems. All digital data is stored on a specific server, or in a cloud, or on someone's computer. Unlike this, the Blockchain (also called DLT "distributed ledger technology") allows us to save data not only in one place but in several areas ".

The objective of the project is to allow students from the country to use the Blockchain to view their grades, certificates and other study memoranda. Students in Georgia will have a secure network to preserve, access and share their academic qualifications at will. Their private data will be safe from unauthorized deletion, modification and/or access, which will also comply with the general data protection regulations (GDPR).

However, prospective employers can verify a person's academic credentials through the platform, without having to go through the existing, lengthy and expensive manual processes.

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Other Applications of Blockchain Technology for Georgia

The education sector is not the only one to benefit from the collaboration with the IOHK. Company representatives also discuss other applications of blockchain technology for Georgia. They are supporting new fintech companies, implementing the supply chain and integrating the functionality of smart contracts in government processes.

The IOHK also recently established a research center at the University of Wyoming. The new lab announced after the company donated $ 500,000 in ADA cryptocurrency.

Some schools are not yet taking advantage of Blockchain. But, there has been a push for educational content surrounding the technology.

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