World Wi-Fi ICO Campaign: Get tokens for your internet

There are many places in the world where the Internet is not available. Aiming to tackle this issue globally, the World Wi-Fi ICO campaign plans to develop a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi network and you can become part of this mission.  

19 April, AtoZ MarketsWorld Wi-Fi is a blockchain platform designed to develop a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi network focused on integrating residential routers. The participants of the platform are the ordinary users, router owners, and advertisers.

Ordinary users will have free internet access, while router owners will get compensated by advertisers for the ads viewed by the users. In addition, advertisers will be provided with data about the whole history of their ad campaigns including conversion statistics for all of the objects.

World Wi-Fi ICO campaign aims to solve global internet challenges  

World Wi-Fi ICO campaign challenge 1The first challenge that World Wi-Fi aims to solve is the limited possibility to connect to an open Wi-Fi around the world. There are many places in the world where mobile Internet is not available, while usually there are private locked Wi-Fi networks that are impossible to connect to. Even in places with available fast mobile Internet, such as LTE there are some challenges: LTE Internet has limitations on the maximum track, speed, and it is generally more expensive.

For the tourists and travelers with medium or lower than medium income, it is rather expensive to use LTE Internet in roaming. In fact, they are the first group of people who are likely to search out for free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Solution: the realization of the World Wi-Fi project enables the free Wi-Fi access in residential areas worldwide using private routers. It also stimulates sharing free Internet access in high traffic areas: cafes, bars, restaurants, playgrounds, and sports grounds.

World Wi-Fi ICO campaign challenge 2The second challenge for World Wi-Fi to work on is the cost of Internet access. For service providers, the provision of Internet access is a business that has a certain cost.

Solution: The World Wi-Fi project enables the free Wi-Fi access worldwide. The Internet access becomes free, as the guest user just needs to view a short ad (10–15 seconds).

World Wi-Fi ICO campaign challenge 3World Wi-Fi’s third challenge is the lack of financial resources. Most people worldwide would like to make some additional money, particularly if it only involves sharing an asset that they already have.

Solution: The World Wi-Fi platform provides for an accrual of tokens for the actual ad impressions. The amount of income will depend on the efforts of the participants and the efficiency of their actions only.

World Wi-Fi ICO campaign challengeThe fourth task that World Wi-Fi intends to address is aiding an advertiser to know his/her target audience. In many cases, the advertiser ends up on the wild goose chase showing the ad to many more than those who are most likely to be interested. This increases the budget of the advertising campaign and decreases its efficiency. In particular, this is the case when promoting non-mass products having a clear-cut targeted audience.

Solution: the World Wi-Fi platform enables the advertiser to select the audience on the basis of search history, gender, age, social media profile, and location.The cost of such advertising is much lower than that of advertising on search engines or social media outlets. On the World Wi-Fi platform, advertisers will be able to monitor the most comprehensive and 100% reliable statistics. The history of all ad impressions is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be fabricated.

World Wi-Fi antennas: A step closer to a global Free WiFi network

World Wi-Fi has developed novel Wi-Fi router antennas and intends to send them for free to any place in the world. Built with the most cutting-edge technologies in the field, these antennas focus the Wi-Fi signal and guarantee the high-quality uniform Wi-Fi coverage of a given area.

The World Wi-Fi antennas are compact and equipped with different mounting structures, which make them suitable for using both indoors and outdoors. , For instance, they can be deployed in offices as well people can use them for covering  Wi-Fi surrounding structures and grounds like parking lots, playgrounds, nearby houses, etc.

The World Wi-Fi project history

The team behind World Wi-Fi has a lot of experience in projects based on Wi-Fi, with two successful companies that are continuing to develop in the Internet market. The first is Radius Wi-Fi, a system that provides Wi-Fi hotspots solutions with an integrated identification of users on a subscription basis. The second project is Adrenta, a platform for setting up automated advertising campaigns in public Wi-Fi networks. In 2017, the number of Wi-Fi hotspots associated with these projects increased by 784% in 80 cities.

What is World Wi-Fi doing now?

World Wi-Fi is planning to monetize by charging a small fee of 5%. The rest of ad budgets will be automatically distributed between owners of access points through the use of blockchain. Currently, World Wi-Fi’s headquarters is located in Singapore.

A logical manifestation of the company’s dedication to bringing Wi-Fi to as many places around the world as possible is its new campaign timed to coincide with the main stage of World Wi-Fi’s Token Sale. Each user buying 1 Ether or 0.1 Bitcoin worth of World Wi-Fi’s tokens until May 18, 2018, will receive one of the antennas for free — regardless of their geographical location. World Wi-Fi will send the antennas to a given address.

Launch date of World Wi-Fi ICO campaign?

The main part of the Token Sale launches on April 18, 2018, and is scheduled to proceed until May 18. On April 16, 2018, a PRE-SALE was successfully completed, during which over $6,5 million were collected. For more information about the project, you can download here the whitepaper of World Wi-Fi ICO.

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