Will Ripple (XRP) Price Rise in 2022? What Crypto Analysts Expect

As the end of 2021 approaches, predictions on how Ripple's XRP will perform next year continue to come. Some experienced crypto market analysts have shared their 2022 XRP price forecast.

Ripple (XRP), one of the most established altcoin projects in the crypto money market, is preparing to enter the new year at the level of $0.80. Showing a very volatile image throughout the year, XRP rose to the level of $1.96 in April. Later, Ripple, which moved down again, declined to the level of $0.50.

While the year 2022 is eagerly awaited by the investors, the predictions for the levels that XRP can reach next year continue to come.

How will Ripple's XRP perform in 2022?

Bob Mason, one of the experienced cryptocurrency market analysts, wrote an article on how Ripple will perform in 2022. Mason emphasized that XRP, which had a very active 2021, has tripled its price, although it has regressed in the market value ranking. The senior analyst pointed out that a positive result from the SEC case could bring the price record with it:

2021 was a bullish year for Ripple and the broader cryptocurrency market. XRP is currently the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $43.77 billion. XRP held the 3rd place for a significant period before losing its place. The 3rd place drop came despite XRP rising 319% over the year. The SEC's lawsuit against Ripple Lab led to the sale. Later in the year, however, hopes of reaching a positive agreement with the SEC had kept XRP catching $1. For the altcoin, which had a good year in 2021, a positive outcome of the SEC litigation could set a new price record in 2022.”

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XRP price targets in 2022

Mason stated that the lawsuit filed by Empower Oversight is also very important for Ripple next year. According to the senior analyst, positive news from the lawsuits could push XRP back to the $3.35 level. Mason stated that $5 levels can also be visited during the year:

The bias claim filed against the SEC by the nonprofit Empower Oversight will be key. Empower Oversight claims that SEC officials are biased against Ripple Labs and XRP. A decision in favor of Empower Oversight would give the SEC more reasons to close the claim against Ripple Labs. Such a conclusion to the claims could result in XRP breaking the January 2018 price record of $3.35. Some say that $5 levels may also be seen within the year. But a negative result will have a devastating effect on XRP.”

Akash Girimath, one of the experienced market analysts, also stated in his analysis that he shared recently, that Ripple could break a record after the SEC lawsuit.

According to the seasoned analyst, despite its sluggish performance in the near term, Ripple has a bright future in 2022 and can rise as high as $34 in the scenario where it wins the SEC case:

Ripple is basically going strong despite the SEC's $1.3 billion lawsuit . On the technical analysis part, XRP is forming a cup handle formation on the weekly chart. This pattern reveals that XRP could enter a bull run and move towards $34. In a limited uptrend, it seems that in case of a breakout, XRP can rise to the level of $3.82.”

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