Why More Women Should Embrace Bitcoin?

March 11, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Women constitute half of the world’s population and in 2021 there is no space for gender-based discrepancies. Yet, the number of women who are active in the crypto sphere is abysmally low and this creates shortcomings in more ways than one. From where we are standing, however, the future is decidedly female. Read on to see why this should be a widespread notion.

Who Run the World?

So, let’s start with first things first. How many women are currently making bitcoin transactions? At face value, the picture is not looking particularly rosy. According to Fintech Magazine, only 9% of the total bitcoin transactions are affected by women and this does not sit right with us.

The finance sector in general and to an extent, even the relatively new kid on the block crypto have very often been seen as a male preserve. This may have been a factor that hinders more gender-encompassing participation. Many women also cite a lack of access to the necessary educational resources as an entry barrier to the crypto world. Indeed, it seems that many female investors lack the necessary familiarity with bitcoin even though many showed an interest in investing if they had the necessary awareness.

However, the situation is not as bleak as it might look. Although women trade less than men, figures indicate that they can get better results from their trades. The tables are gradually turning, and some platforms have experienced increases by up to 160% in the number of female traders during 2020.

A lot has changed over the last 12 months, this has been a catalyst for the way we do and look at activities. Investments are no exception. The swiftly changing economic landscape has led many to seek alternative forms of revenue streams while some assets that were previously regarded as ‘safe havens’ are no longer considered so favourably. Meanwhile, bitcoin has been going from strength to strength. It is constantly surpassing all-time highs while big corporate names are embracing the digital currency. It is no surprise, therefore, that within this climate, women are looking at ways in which they can maximize their monetary resources.

Diversity is Beautiful

In 2009, bitcoin took the finance world by storm and single-handedly changed the notion that central authorities can have a monopoly on currencies. A wide-spread processing framework ensures transparency, and the decentralized nature means that there are no fees or control cannot be imposed by central banks. It can be said that bitcoin highlights everything that is fair, grassroots oriented and accessible. This is a concept that should encourage more inclusive participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including individuals or groups that have traditionally been on the sidelines of the financial sphere.

Four Reasons Why

There are many reasons that show that a bigger female participant in the crypto world is a positive thing. We are listing the top four here:

  1. Give or take a little there are as many women as there are men. A lack of female participation in the digital currency sector means that half of the crypto world’s potential is still untapped. Activity from the female segment could result in very big strides for the adoption of digital assets from a wider audience.
  2. Although there are fewer women traders, it is widely acknowledged that women possess skills that are very well suited to the market. For instance, women are less likely to take unnecessary risks and are more prone to well-thought-out decisions surrounding trading and investments.
  3. Women are excellent communicators. This means that a stronger female presence in the crypto community and beyond can-do wonders for the broader adoption of digital coins.
  4. Last but not least, representation matters! This is important in all areas be it politics, the world of entertainment, or the fintech industry. More women in influencer or leadership roles in the crypto area is the best way to create a more inclusive space that inspires upcoming generations of girls to venture into this dynamic world.

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