Why Forex brokers play a vital role in Genesis Vision Ecosystem

October 17, 2019, | AtoZ MarketsThis article is a follow up of the Part I interview with Genesis Vision. The first interview with Genesis Vision was focused on GV’s vision of the future. Furthermore, in the first interview we discussed with Genesis Vision about their main challenges in the Asset Management industry and the use case of Genesis Vision Token.

In this second interview, Genesis Vision’s COO, Elena Beinesheva explains the vital role of Forex brokers in the Genesis Vision Ecosystem.

AtoZ Markets interview with COO of Genesis Vision

AtoZMarkets: "In the ecosystem of the Genesis Vision platform, brokers play one of the most vital roles because they provide the trading conditions for fund managers.  How much of your success is determined by establishing partnerships with Forex brokers? What other factors/partnerships are key to Genesis Vision growth and adoption?"  

Elena Beinesheva: "On December 26, 2018, we were pleased to inform our users that Genesis Vision managers were gaining access to the Forex market thanks to our partnership with Just2Trade Online Ltd, a strictly regulated Forex broker. This event was preceded by many tests, audits, revisions, and reviews. 

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Now Genesis Vision Managers can create ECN accounts that provide access to at least 53 Forex instruments, three different types of precious metals, three different CFDs for energy sources, 13 CFDs for indices and a couple of cryptocurrencies added to the mix. Our managers can enjoy tight spreads, high execution speeds, affordable commissions and maximum leverage of 1: 100. Scalping and automatic trading are also supported. All you need to do to start trading Forex (from the point of view of managers) is to create a new investment program and choose Just2Trade as your preferred broker.

We were proud and pleased to recently announce our new partnership with B2Broker. They are the first Prime Broker to provide aggregated liquidity for cryptocurrencies using the B2BX MarksMan aggregator. We will integrate B2BX Marksman and B2Broker liquidity into our products. Our traders have the ability to take advantage of the trading conditions and liquidity of our partners through our Genesis Vision and Genesis Markets projects. This new B2Broker addition means that Genesis Market traders will have direct access to the following order books:

  • Binance (implemented);
  • Huobi (implemented);
  • LMAX (implemented);
  • B2BX Marksman (coming soon);
  • B2Broker (coming soon).

At the end of 2018, we made a fantastic addition to our line of brokerage partners: EXANTE is a broker for professionals and a one-stop shop for all types of derivatives. EXANTE is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), is MiFID compliant and offers investors the highest level of legal protection under the Market in Financial Instruments Directive. Such extensive regulatory compliance is very rarely seen and is extremely hard to obtain. EXANTE offers more than 50 000 financial products, which include derivatives for all tastes. EXANTE is like a swiss knife of trading instruments and soon Genesis Vision managers will be able to trade over 10 000 stocks & ETFs, over 50 currency pairs, over 30 global futures markets, bonds, metals, options, funds, and even more cryptocurrencies. 

Not only has EXANTE gathered almost all of the existing derivatives in a single place, but all of them are also available via DMA. 

DMA is an abbreviation that stands for “Direct Market Access”. Basically what that means is that GV Managers are able to directly interact with the order books of over 50 different financial markets and exchanges, including such eminent ones as NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange."

How Forex Regulations effects Genesis Vision 

AtoZMarkets: "It is commonly said that the online Forex industry has reached its peak. With stricter regulations worldwide and alternative markets appearing, the future of retail FX seems gloomy. What effect do regulations in Forex have on Genesis Vision? What needs to happen to allow the Asset Management industry to thrive?"

Elena Beinesheva: "As far as we are concerned, we think stricter regulations are a good thing for the future of Genesis Vision. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the various financial markets in a fair and transparent way. These are the fundamental principles of Genesis Vision. We always strive to cooperate with major market players, without fear of additional rules and regulations.

The asset management industry will thrive when all the players (brokers, traders, investors, regulators) can establish a baseline rooted in Trust. This is where the blockchain technology, a decentralized network of peers not controlled by any one entity, can really play a big role."

This is part 2 of the Genesis Vision interview, Part 3 will be live soon...

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