Which Stocks Are the Best to Trade in Fantasy Contests The Upcoming Winter?

If you have ever tried trading on a stock market, you know how exciting it is. The problem is that it also requires a lot of resources, which isn’t attractive for beginners. However, a recent trend seems to offer the perfect alternative when it comes to thrill. I’m talking about fantasy trading, which has a low investment threshold while giving you an opportunity to earn.

The idea is the same as it is in traditional trading. You need to pick the stocks that you believe will perform well on the actual market. If you outperform your opponents, you can receive some generous prizes. For example, StockBattle offers head-to-head duels with 15-minute sessions. You form a “team” of stocks and monitor their performance in a live tracker. If they outperform your rival’s portfolio, you double up the initial investment. It’s high-paced, exciting, and gives you a chance to earn.

If you want to get an edge for fantasy trading competitions, it’s all about recognizing the best stocks. But what are the top stocks to trade in the upcoming winter? Whether you choose fantasy or real trading, these expert insights will help you to create a smart portfolio!

  • Amazon

Which Stocks Are the Best to Trade in Fantasy Contests The Upcoming Winter

Why you should choose it: It’s hard to find a reputable company that profited more during the pandemics.

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If we compare the companies that were already big before the COVID-19 outbreak, you won’t find one that benefited more from the pandemic. Yet, Amazon isn’t to blame because they picked the right industry long before the virus appeared.

People have spent months in the lockdown and online shopping was the only purchasing method available. Amazon offers anything that might come to your mind. This ranges from electronics and tech gadgets to toys and books.

The company already had an established business. Once online shopping flourished because of the pandemic, it was a dream come true for Amazon. Many experts believe that the growth in 2022 might not be as big as in the previous years. However, everyone agrees that Amazon will keep growing, which makes it a suitable real and fantasy trading option.

  • Walt Disney

Why you should choose it: It’s time for this company to get back on track, and that could happen during the winter.

I’ll admit that Walt Disney didn’t have a great year. From January to November 2021, the company’s shares dropped by over 13%. It’s been a wild ride for this stock ever since the pandemic outbreak.

However, there are many reasons why Walt Disney is a smart choice for the winter:

  • The theaters are open again and many movies are in post-production and close to being released.
  • Disney theme parks are open for customers again and are stabilizing their revenue.
  • The subscription service Disney+ keeps attracting new users, which has a lot to do with exclusives.

Another reason why Disney stocks are a smart pick is the overall market trends. They indicate it’s a good time to choose leading companies that show positive signs that indicate potential growth. If you use them wisely in fantasy contests, Walt Disney stocks could be an ace up your sleeve.

  • McDonald’s

Why you should choose it: It shows a steady trend, and there’s an exciting promotion with Mariah Carey coming up in December.

Can you believe that McDonald’s origins go way back to 1940? The fast-food company dealt with many crises during its eight decades of existence. Fortunately for stakeholders, it seems this will be a good year for McDonald’s. For starters, the company has a positive trend if you observe time from January to November 2021. It seems that their virtual loyalty program was a huge jackpot.

McDonald’s wants to keep attracting users to its app. That’s why they revealed an exciting campaign that will occur before Christmas and feature Mariah Carey. All customers that order from the McDonald’s app will receive freebies and special daily deals from December 13-24. This makes the company’s stock promising during December but also throughout the winter.

  • Microsoft

Why you should choose it: This is a great option among hedge funds.

Some consider the Microsoft Corporation a software dinosaur. They were the dominant industry company when they created Windows and Office. However, Microsoft failed to establish itself in the mobile market, which seemed like a huge problem.

The solution was Satya Nadella. The company’s CEO realized the potential of cloud computing on time. Today, Microsoft and Amazon are the biggest competitors in that industry. Microsoft adopted SaaS, and it proved to be a smart move. As a result, the company’s shares have been on the rise for a while. There’s no indicator that it will stop growing anytime soon, so Microsoft is a smart pick for the upcoming winter.

Other Stocks Worth Considering

Whether it’s real or fantasy finance, you can also consider adding these stocks to your portfolio:

  • Pfizer. The company’s stocks had a significant increase in 2021 by October. That trend is likely to continue, especially since the news on Covid-19 oral antiviral treatment seems encouraging.
  • Coca-Cola Company. These stocks are famous for little volatility and steady growth. If you are looking for stocks to hold on to throughout the winter, these could be a smart pick.
  • Spotify. While music streaming isn’t the most attractive industry, Spotify is famous for its innovations. If they discover a new breakthrough service soon, they could be a smart bet during the winter.
  • Kinder Morgan. This company is among those with the biggest worldwide energy infrastructure. In North America, they have more than 140 terminals and 80,000 miles of pipelines. That should be reason enough that the company’s stock value can rise, especially through the winter.
  • Snapchat. Even if the pandemic doesn’t force them, more people will stay home during the winter. The reason is bad weather, and staying home means more time on social networks. That’s why you might consider adding a platform like Snapchat to your portfolio.

What You Should Know When Trading Stocks in Fantasy Contests

It all starts by picking the right fantasy finance platform. If you prefer the rush offered by short-length matches, you can’t go wrong with StockBattle. Each session lasts 15 minutes and you can pick the stakes based on your preference. The competitions occur around the clock, so you’ll always find at least one tournament available.

As for creating your portfolio, here are a few tips that can help:

  • Analyze the charts. Most fantasy finance providers will offer a graph that shows stock value during the last hour, day or month. Use this to your advantage when picking the stocks. While analyzing the charts, you’ll become more comfortable with them, which gets you ready for real trading deals.
  • Adjust to the competition. Match duration, number of opponents, and other factors can affect your strategy. There’s a difference between picking stocks for short versus long-term performance.
  • Keep up with the latest news. Whether you read news portals or find ways to get insights about a company, the latest events can be your tool to outsmart opponents.

Fantasy contests are great to test your skills in predicting how the market moves. Platforms like Invstr and MarketWatch are a good choice for long-term competitions. But if you want an exciting short-term contest, StockBattle is a better fit. It dares you to create a better stock or crypto portfolio for 15-minute sessions than other competitors. If you do, you can win hefty prizes, and even if you don’t, you’ll benefit from learning about assets and their volatility. If that sounds like a good deal, don’t hesitate to try fantasy trading today!

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