What next for the New US President?

Today the US nation goes to the polls to elect the 45th President. But what is in store for the New US President? State of the Economy? Employment? Security? Foreign Policy? Trade? Is it a positive or negative inheritance? 

8th November, AtoZForexOne thing is for certain that history will be in the making. If Senator Clinton wins,  she will become the first woman President thoroughly qualified to hold the seat in the White House. If Mr Trump wins, he will be the first non-politician lacking public service background that will hold the seat in the White House. Regardless of who becomes the next President, there is a change taking place in USA. 

Obama's Inheritance?

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When President Obama entered the White House, the state of the USA economy was not healthy at all, with high unemployment (9%); negative economic growth; USA on terror alert from within and externally, ongoing race issues and gun violence on the increase.

What is Obama handing over?

On the home front, introduced health care i.e. Obama-Care programs, gun control legislation was his only failure if it can be called a failure at all. A society and culture which lives by the gun at it's side and views it as their constitutional rights, one questions if it was a failure. The passing of bill allowing same sex marriages in a nation so religiously embedded in its Christian values. Trying to get the "the Dreamers Bill" through and many others.

On the economic front, it is clear that his quantitative easing program has worked with economic growth now almost the highest in the western world. Unemployment is down from 9% to 5% and expected to go down further in the future. If economic growth (2.1%) is compared over the last five (5) years against European growth (1.0%), there is a marked difference. On the fight against terrorism, he has been unflinching and took a bold decision to take out Osama-Bin-Ladin. Believed to be the chief architect of the terror attacks in September 2011.

Gun control and the race issue have been challenging for any President, especially for a Black American President. He has dealt with many of those dastardly acts of violence with composure, dignity, tactfully and with empathy for all those affected.

On foreign policy his stance has been one of softly, but softly combined with firm action. He brought back respectability for the USA on foreign soil. Troubles in Middle East, with Russia, South China sea dispute of the Chinese building islands in international waters remain largely unresolved. Although, there maybe some questions, overall compared to the previous President he has achieved a lot, both on home ground, especially with the Republicans in control of Congress and overseas.

One cannot forget to mention the work that the First Lady Michelle Obama has carried out and continues to do.

2016 US Election Day

Senator Clinton has multiple paths to victory as the final phases of the election commences, while Mr Trump has to win majority of the roughly dozen battleground states to claim 270 Electoral College votes. With the control of the Senate at stake also, with Democrats needing to secure four seats if Senator Clinton wins.

With both candidates having crisscrossed the country to in a last minute attempt to persuade undecided voters to vote for them.

While Senator Clinton speaks about bringing together a divided nation as she traveled from one event to another. Mr Trump is following a similar pattern of attack carried out by the Brexiter's in UK, one of unsupported statements on rigged elections, voter intimidation, election being hacked, immigration etc.

What next for the New US President?

Senator Clinton - If Senator Clinton wins, it will be history in the making of the first USA Woman President. The first question comes to mind is that will Mr Trump accept the result?  The author believes that he will challenge each result where he loses in each of the marginal state.  Then there is the question of Senator Clinton and her behaviour regarding the deletion of emails and use of a private server will not go away so easily. There is a danger that even though she may not be prosecuted after the FBI investigations, there is a possibility of impeachment proceedings.

She will be working on a lot of bi-partisan issues to take the country forward as she has been doing under the Obama administration and many Republicans loathe Mr Trump and would prefer working with Senator Clinton

Mr Trump - If Mr Trump wins, Senator Clinton will accept the result graciously.  Senior Republicans will be at odds with him in private. Mr Trump will need the support of the Republican Senators he has upset during his Presidential election.  There will be divisions within the Republican party.

Will he then start action against Senator Clinton and all the ladies?  Will President Putin throw a party to celebrate Mr Trump's victory?

Whatever the future holds for each candidate if they win the White House door key, it is clear they will have to work hard on a number of issues.

  • Bringing a divided nation together
  • Tackling unemployment and education for those who seem to have been ignored
  • Tax loophole closures, so that everyone pays their fair share
  • USA debt
  • A bi-partisan immigration policy with their neighbours Mexico
  • Gun control, a collective effort by both Democrats and Republicans
  • Race and the police, collaboration needed
  • Terrorism, both home grown and external
  • Cyber security
  • Foreign policy,  with Russia and China, not forgetting the Middle East, especially Syria. Closer ties with both Iran and India
  • Trade Agreements

The markets have reportedly priced in a Clinton win. Are they right? The world awaits the final outcome.

Think we missed something? Let us know in the comment section below!

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