Marketing Director Dominic Poynter Tells Us the Secrets that Have Kept Axiory at the Top for 10 Years

What makes a successful broker? Marketing director Dominic Poynter has shared with us the secrets that have kept Axiory at the top for 10 years.

February 17, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Axiory Global is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark the monumental occasion, AtoZ Markets spoke with Marketing Director Dominic Poynter about what it takes for a broker to build a long-lasting relationship with traders and establish trust despite fierce competition and countless challenges.

AtoZ Markets: This year Axiory is celebrating its 10th anniversary, an important milestone for any company, especially in the Forex industry. How are you planning to celebrate this monumental event?

Dominic Poynter: Hitting the 10-year mark is a testament to all the hard work the Axiory people have put in, helping the company go from strength to strength. Most importantly, we want to thank our traders, who have put their trust in us over the years. So that’s exactly what we’re doing; celebrating traders.

We started the year with a 50% bonus, followed by a no deposit bonus, and 2021 will be filled with surprises that’ll enhance our traders’ experience. We’re not just talking about promotions but also new platforms, new account types, and new asset classes.

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AtoZ Markets: What do you consider to be the most challenging obstacle for brokers?

Dominic Poynter: The most challenging obstacle Is keeping clients happy in an often disappointing industry. A lot of novice traders enter the scene without the proper foundation and knowledge. We aim to prepare them with adequate education that enhances their skills and mentally prepares them for the fact that losses are part of the process, even for the most successful traders.

Informed and educated traders are more likely to trade long-term because they’re prepared for the market’s ups and downs and understand it’s all part of the process, especially when they have a stable and supportive environment with a big team behind them.

AtoZ Markets: What are the main values that have kept Axiory thriving for a decade and counting?

Dominic Poynter: From the get-go, fairness and support were the central driving values within the company and towards clients.  We’ve built a welcoming environment that enables our employees to thrive. Their vision, dedication, and hard work reflect the passion they put into keeping traders happy. It’s a trickle-down effect starting from the owners and managers to how we treat our traders.

"Fairness and support are Axiory's driving values"

AtoZ Markets: When was the point at which Axiroy graduated from the new broker on the block to a leading competitor?

Dominic Poynter: For us, it’s always been about the traders. Our turning point is when early adopters became long-time traders with Axiory and realized they are more than just numbers, that we don’t treat them as cash sources. When we’d built that trust with traders is when we experienced exponential growth.

AtoZ Markets: Why should traders take into account the longevity of a company?

Dominic Poynter: Time means growth. Any company should learn from its own mistakes and its observations of its industry over the years. This also applies to Axiory. We’ve always offered clients an excellent trading environment and lived up to their expectations, but we learned how to surpass those expectations over the years.

"Longevity is also a testament to a company’s ethical code"

Longevity is also a testament to a company’s ethical code. There’s only so much a company can do to maintain a good reputation if it doesn’t uphold its ethical standards. The truth is a broker that continues growing over the years is probably doing something right.

AtoZ Markets: Having been through the market’s ups and downs, from the Swiss Bank interest rate cut to 2020s Coronavirus, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about being in this industry?

Dominic Poynter: To expect the unexpected. That’s a general rule of life, but it especially applies to the financial markets industry. You must always be prepared and ready to adapt to change, ensuring clients’ well-being always comes first. No matter what happens in the market or the world, it’s our priority to protect traders as best as we can.

From day one, Axiory laid out long-term plans, contingencies, and emergency action plans. 2020’s unprecedented pandemic is a great example. It tested all our plans, but we seamlessly continue serving traders while protecting our employees’ health. Moving forward, we will continue to follow a ‘survival of the most adaptable’ approach.

AtoZ Markets: How has the industry evolved over the last 10 years, and have traders evolved along with it?

Dominic Poynter: The industry we’re in evolves every minute of every day. Its audience, however, has grown and matured over the last decade. Online retail trading is relatively new, dating back to the early 2000s, so by now, advanced traders have a much better understanding of the industry’s nitty-gritty details.

Even younger generations who may have less exposure to trading, have grown up with technology and access to the internet. They’re savvy when it comes to exploring new opportunities, platforms and grasping new online offers.

What does all this mean for brokers? Today, traders demand better services; this leaves no room for amateur brokers who can’t keep up with ever-evolving technologies and growing competition. We need to give it to them straight, offer them real quality and real trading opportunities; otherwise, they’re out the door, and they have a plethora of other brokers to choose from.

AtoZ Markets: How do you envision the next 10 years for Axiory as this industry continues evolving?

Dominic Poynter: I’ll have to go back to 2020 and say that if it taught us anything, it’s that no one can predict the future no matter how much you plan. So what we’ve planned for the next five years may completely change based on technological progression, internet evolution - like the recent introduction of 5G connections, and market appetite. We’ll listen to our traders, and they’ll continue telling us what they need because, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

"Aixory will continue evolving and always provide traders with the best services possible."

Over the last decade, we grew from a small broker to a multi-asset financial institution. In 2020 alone, we added new languages, expanded to new regions, and upgraded our accounts multiple times. In the next year and the next decade, we will continue evolving and always provide traders with the best services possible.

You can discover Axiory’s 10-year journey and new promotions today.

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